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The Grand National Proves Difficult Time for Problem Gamblers in UK

The Grand National is one of the biggest event that players look forward to place a wager on and with the hype to the event, many punters may be tempted to place a little too much

Now, the Royal College of Psychiatrists has called on sports fans and gamblers to make use of the tools that are available to them to restrict their gambling lest they overspend. This recommendation is directed principally at individuals who struggle to control their gambling habits and may need additional safeguards to avoid coming in the way of serious harm.

Helping Consumers Stay Safe During Grand National

The Grand National attracts 600 million people around the people, with the event estimated to elicit a very strong betting action within the United Kingdom. Some 13 million people are expected to bet on the Saturday, April 15 race, with the total amount of bets placed running up to $310 million.

Some 250,000 to 460,000 people in Great Britain are currently qualified as problem gamblers, with hundreds of thousands more at risk of developing an unhealthy relationship with gambling. Royal College of Psychiatrists prof Henrietta Bowden-Jones acknowledged the difficulty in resisting the Grand National and offered practical advice to problem gamblers:

If you have a gambling disorder, it is important to seek help from specialist NHS clinics and put appropriate self-exclusion agreements in place to stop you from gambling online and in person.

Royal College of Psychiatrists prof Henrietta Bowden-Jones

She similarly urged people who are struggling with gambling or suspect that they have a problem with gambling to contact their general practitioners. The United Kingdom has been putting a lot of effort to help sufferers of gambling harm by referring them to treatment services.

Big Changes in Regulated Gambling in the UK

Some of these services are government-backed, such as the National Problem Gambling Clinic. All of this comes in the context of big changes in the gambling industry. The government is due to release a White Paper that will outline changes to the Gambling Act of 2005. These changes should possibly come with restricted spending and betting limits for individuals under the age of 25.

One touted measure is the restriction of sports gambling advertisements. The Premier League has just reached an agreement to limit the front-of-shirt sponsorships that will see gambling branding disappear in the 2026-2027 season. The government may choose to enforce further restrictions on advertisements as well.


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