August 18, 2021 2 min read


The GamblingNews Podcast Welcomes David Charnock of FSB (Podcast #2)

The GamblingNews podcast series is an excellent way to stay on top of what’s happening in the gaming industry. We routinely invite industry insiders to sit down with us to discuss how they see the market and what they’re doing to help shape the future. GamblingNews recently had the opportunity to have David Charnock, FSB’s new Business Development Manager for Latin America, join us. As a company focused on offering omnichannel solutions to the industry, FSB has a lot to offer and Charnock is ready for all the challenges that are coming – tune into the podcast for all the details.

Charnock is an industry veteran, although he has only been with FSB for less than two months. He is based out of Costa Rica, giving him easy access to the entire region. As he gets acclimated to his new role, he will be able to rely on 30 years of experience and knowledge that will give FSB the opportunity to quickly expand and forge new relationships that will be important to Latin America’s gaming growth.

Latin America has some markets that are already more established than others, and these are going to be key for the region’s growth. Charnock recognizes that it would be virtually impossible to envision a single regulatory framework for Latin America, but he and FSB are helping facilitate the delivery of products that can cater to individual countries and their requirements. As FSB expands, it will be in an increasingly greater position to assist operators and regulators establish a mature industry.

There are a few countries that Charnock highlights as being more ready for expansion than others, and these are where much of his efforts will be concentrated for now. As he grows into his new role with FSB, however, he is ready to explore the entire region and ensure that operators throughout Latin America can deliver a customer experience that only FSB can offer.


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