May 25, 2022 3 min read


The ECB Extended Its Partnership with InteractSport

The England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) has extended its partnership deal with InteractSport, a sports data and technology company. This was announced by Sportradar, InteractSport’s parent group.

InteractSport Will Continue Supporting the ECB

The ECB has worked together with InteractSport since 2017. Thanks to the sports data provider, the ECB has successfully boosted fan engagement. The highly-successful partnership has seen the cricket governing body work together with InteractSport for over 100,000 syndicated matches. Play-Cricket Scorer, the ECB’s official cricket app, has successfully tracked all of them.

By using Play-Cricket Scorer, fans in England and Wales can enter their favorite teams and leagues and get content that fits their preferences. Additionally, InteractSport’s partnership with ECB saw it create the Countdown Cricket app. The latter targets grassroots-level cricket and helps the adults organize matches for the kids.

With the deal extended, InteractSport will continue to supply the ECB with live data and scoring. Hence, the governing body will be able to continue the flow of content to fans in England and Wales. According to the agreement, the extended partnership will see the parties work together until 2024.

The Parties Are Committed to Cricket at All Levels

Alison Crowe, the director of digital and data at the England and Wales Cricket Board, spoke about the agreement. He emphasized that InteractSport’s solutions have grown to be a crucial part of the experience the ECB provides to fans.

As cricket grows in popularity among people in England and Wales, the ECB wants to inspire the next generation of fans and players above all. This will not be possible without Sportradar and InteractSport, Crowe pointed out.

Our partnership with Sportradar enables us to deliver a quality experience to our recreational participants and fans through world-class technology.

Alison Crowe, director of digital and data, ECB

Sam Taylor, the managing director of InteractSport, is glad that the ECB wants to continue working together with Sportradar. He said that his group remains committed to supporting the growth of cricket at all levels and is excited to continue partnering with the governing body.  

Taylor shared that the evolution of InteractSport’s offerings will likely improve the relationship of the ECB with its fans even more.

We believe the ongoing embedding of our digital solutions will enable the ECB to facilitate a closer connection with and relationship between recreational players. It will also add a new dimension to their engagement with the sport they love to play and watch.

Sam Taylor, managing director, InteractSport

Speaking of Sportradar and cricket, the sports data company recently unveiled a new virtual cricket solution.


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