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The Campaign for Fairer Gambling Focuses on US Markets

Relaunching in the US, The Campaign for Fairer Gambling will advocate for a balance between ensuring commercial interest and the protection of consumers

The safer gambling lobbying group funded by Derek Webb, The Campaign for Fairer Gambling (CFG), has announced its relaunch with a new objective. CFG revealed it will support an increase in the protection of consumers and reduction of gambling harm for the regulated gambling market in the United States.

A statement released by CFG explains that it will keep a neutral position when it comes to the expansion of the gambling market in the country. Yet, it said that it will challenge financial representations that may falsely point to the benefits of gambling expansion.

The Campaign for Fairer Gambling will pursue a bi-partisan agenda of advancing both consumer protection and harm amelioration in gambling. It will remain neutral on gambling expansion while being critical of any false representations by financially-motivated promoters of gambling,

explains a statement released by The Campaign for Fairer Gambling

CFG will support raising the standards for gambling in different states. Additionally, it will promote supervision on a federal level for specific aspects related to gambling. According to the organization, this unique approach will ensure “that states are motivated to do better in order to minimize federal oversight, with the more forward-thinking states incentivized to encourage other states to raise standards.”

Advocating for a Safe and Responsible Gambling Entertainment

Ultimately, CFG said it seeks to ensure that the market is safe, secure and enjoyable for consumers. At the same time, sports betting and iGaming markets need to meet the commercial interests of the operators, which is why the organization will use the best practices it has learned from different regulated gambling jurisdictions around the globe.

We will leverage best practices and lessons learned from all markets, balancing consumer and commercial interests in US state and federal gambling policy enactment,

added The Campaign for Fairer Gambling

The new chapter for CFG in the US follows its success in the UK. The Campaign was established as a response to the once super popular and illegal fixed odds betting terminals (FOBTs). FOBTs flourished in the UK in the past and despite being unregulated, they attracted a significant number of gamblers.

Advocating for customer protection, CFG supported a cap for the stakes via FOBTs which resulted in a decrease in their revenue. What’s more, according to CFG, citing National Gambling Treatment Service’s data, those efforts contributed to a decrease in the popularity of FOBTs, which in turn reduced gambling harm.


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