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Thailand Continues to Fight Illegal Betting on Euro 2024

More than 2,600 people have been arrested since the start of the popular soccer tournament in mid-June

In mid-June, Euro 2024 kicked off. As one of the most-anticipated soccer events for the year, the exciting tournament saw millions of fans across the globe tune in for matches that will run through July 14 when the final will be played.

While many soccer fans enjoy the activity as it is, others prefer to watch and place wagers. In June, ahead of the start of the tournament, a representative of the Stop Gambling Foundation in Thailand confirmed that the tournament is expected to attract 51% more bettors.

Law enforcement across the country vowed to combat illegal gambling activities regardless whether online or via retail outlets. In light of this, after two weeks of soccer action, police have completed more than 2,600 arrests related to people suspected of participating in or organizing illegal gambling activities.

As announced by Nation Thailand, the Royal Thai Police arrested thousands of people over illegal wagering on the popular soccer tournament. Identifying illegal online and retail betting activities and combating such crimes is a main priority for the Centre for the Prevention and Suppression of Illegal Euro 2024 Football Betting, the assistant national police chief, Pol Lt Gen Akkaradej Phimonsri, revealed on Saturday.  

He also said that law enforcement remains dedicated to effectively repealing illegal gambling or any attempt at such unlawful activities.

The Royal Thai Police will continue their stringent efforts to suppress illegal football betting activities.

Pol Lt Gen Akkaradej Phimonsri

Illegal Soccer Gambling Involved a Sum Close to $50 Million

In the fight against illegal gambling, the Royal Thai Police released details regarding the activities of its center between June 14 and June 27. During that period, a total of 2,626 suspects have been arrested for their alleged involvement in illegal soccer gambling.

A breakdown of that total shows that 513 suspects were arrested in cases related to online gambling websites that operated illegally. This total breaks down to 450 bettors and 63 people suspected of being “online gambling organizers.”

Moreover, some 142 illegal betting websites have been taken down. The activities of those outlets involved a sum north of 1.8 billion baht ($49 million).

On the other hand, law enforcement’s efforts against illegal retail gambling activities saw the arrest of 2,113 suspects. This included 2,052 bettors, 22 bet collectors and 39 suspected bookmakers.

The illegal retail betting services involved a sum significantly lower than their online counterpart. According to law enforcement, only 339,754 baht ($9,250) was involved in the unlawful retail betting activities.


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