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Stop Gambling Foundation in Thailand Predicts Rise in Euro 2024 Betting

Compared to four years ago, Euro 2024 is expected to attract 51% more bettors

It is not uncommon for important sports events across the globe to result in spikes in betting activities. High-profile soccer, baseball, football, basketball and other competitions attract millions of sports fans, some of which turn to wagering for the first time.

UEFA Euro 2024, one of the most-anticipated soccer events this year, is set to kick off today, June 14, in Munich, Germany. The exciting tournament will continue through Sunday, July 14, 2024, with the final being played in Berlin, Germany’s capital and largest city in the country.

Now, just at the start of the Euro 2024 tournament, a representative of the Stop Gambling Foundation in Thailand predicted a significant increase in the number of people wagering on soccer. Thanakorn Komkrit, Stop Gambling Foundation’s secretary general, who was recently quoted by Thai PBS World, estimated a significant rise in the number of soccer bettors.

According to the expert, when compared to Euro 2020, this year’s European soccer tournament is expected to attract 51% more gamblers. Komkrit supported his claim by explaining that soccer fans are fond of placing wagers which grants them additional excitement.

Generally speaking, soccer isn’t among the top choices for new bettors and gamblers. This is because wagering on soccer games requires knowledge and experience. Unlike sports betting, online casino games such as slots do not have such a requirement, which makes them more easily accessible.

Number of Bettors Stays on Par, but the Wagered Amount Grows

According to Komkrit, the number of people in Thailand who engaged in gambling activities has remained rather steady at around 3 million over the last two years. Yet, he said that while the number of gamblers hasn’t grown, the amount wagered has been constantly increasing.

The Stop Gambling Foundation’s executive pointed to data that 80% of gamblers between the ages of 20 and 30 have increased their spending. This is usually young people who have a job and consider dedicating more money to gambling.

Despite the efforts against illegal gambling, Komkrit warned that the black market remains a challenge for Thailand. Last month, approximately 6,500 illegal gambling websites were shut down by the country’s Ministry of Finance. But that still doesn’t address the issue, considering that new outlets continue to appear.

The upcoming Euro 2024 competition also sparked fears of a rise in gambling addiction in the Asian country. Last month, Kongkan Takhiranyit, the Thai Health Promotion Foundation’s director’s assistant, raised concern about the growing number of soccer bettors. The expert also warned that the popular tournament creates a risk for a rise in gambling addictions and underage gambling.


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