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Thai Actress Accuses Macau888 Gambling Boss of Domestic Abuse

Due Arisara, a Thai movie glitterati and actress, has accused her former boyfriend, Chaiwat Kachornboonthaworn of domestic abuse

In a video uploaded to Facebook, Arisara insisted that “Benz Daemon” as the man is known by his moniker, had been abusive to her during their relationship. Arisara said that she had suffered physical and mental abuse by Chaiwat on numerous occasions and had the evidence to back her claims up.

The actress shared photos of her bruised face and recounted a demeaning encounter when Chaiwat poured hot soup over her head in front of family members who stood and did nothing. But Arisara found support in her husband who convinced her to speak up about the issue and tell the full story about Chaiwat.

Arisara is also the person who originally helped authorities look into Chaiwat’s gambling operations, prompting the man to flee from justice into Hong Kong. Presently, authorities are offering $30,000 for information that could lead to his arrest.

Arisara Foils Chaiwat’s Wedding with Her Revelations

Arisara split from Chaiwat in 2021 and married a few months after. The actress decided to act when she found out that Chaiwat is preparing to get married himself. She explained that there was nothing wrong with that, but used the opportunity to tie her former partner to gambling websites that “tricked Thai people out of money.”

Following those revelations, Arisara and her family left Thailand and relocated to Taiwan for their safety. Police though were not entirely happy with the manner in which Arisara had chosen to act. Instead of tipping the authorities directly, Chaiwat and his brothers were alerted and knew that they had limited time to escape, which allowed them to reportedly go to Hong Kong.

Meanwhile, the website and gambling company connected to Chaiwat seems to be macau888, which was cracked down on by Thai police who detained 43 people. Meanwhile, a lawyer for Chaiwat said that Arisara had exaggerated her claims on Facebook and that Chaiwat himself was ready to turn himself over to the authorities.


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