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Tennessee Authorities Crack Down on Illegal Gambling Den

The authorities learned that Nimit Patel, the owner of the store, was paying out wins in merchandise and then swapping the payout tickets for cash payments with another party

The Tennessee authorities have cracked down on an illegal gambling business, arresting its owner and seizing thousands of dollars in cash. The mastermind behind the unlicensed gambling property has also been arrested, according to reports.

The raid followed complaints received by local agents. At first, undercover agents were sent to the store to examine the situation. The authorities learned that the owner of the store, was paying out wins in merchandise and then swapping the payout tickets for cash payments with another party.

After the agents confirmed that illegal gambling was taking place, a search warrant was issued.

On Friday, authorities, now boasting a search warrant, entered The Country Store, also known as E & T Gas in Gadsden. The West Tennessee Drug Task Force – 28th, 29th, 30th reported that the operation was carried out by agents with the 28th District out of Bells and the Crockett County Sheriff’s Department – Tennessee.

During the operation, the store owner, later identified as Nimit Patel, allegedly lied to agents and even attempted to hide the keys to the illegal gambling machines.

The Store Owner Was Arrested

The raid saw authorities seize 2 gambling machines and $4,208 in cash. Additionally, agents seized ledgers and payout slips, according to the Drug Task Force’s report. A photo of the seized money and items was published on the task force’s official Facebook page.

Following the raid, Patel, who is believed to be the mastermind of the gambling operation, was arrested. According to the West Tennessee Drug Task Force – 28th, 29th, 30th, the 40-year-old man has since been charged with gambling promotion, aggravated gambling promotion, possession of a gambling device or record and resisting or obstruction of a legal writ or process.

Patel was booked at the Crockett County jail and has had his case handed to The Office of the District Attorney General, 28th Judicial District, Frederick Agee.

Speaking of gambling-related crime, a sex worker was recently assaulted at Palms Casino Resort. According to court documents, a client snapped after the worker requested more money than the two had originally agreed on. Unfortunately, the woman eventually passed away.

Elsewhere, the Judiciary Police in Macau announced that a joint operation organized by the authorities in the special administrative region, Hong Kong and mainland China has put an end to an illegal gambling ring.


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