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Table Trac Grows with New Casino Partnership in Panama

Table Trac has signed a partnership with a new casino to help with the management of the property. As a result, the company will work with Waymore Casino in Panama and deploy its dedicated CasinoTrac system designed to facilitate operations and boost engagement with customers.

New Casino in Panama Gets CasinoTrac Software

Table Trac has already been able to expand its footprint in the South American casino landscape and continues to do so with this new opportunity in Panama. Waymore Casino will have access to the full management system which will facilitate the running of day-to-day activities on the gaming floors.

Table Trac has been able to already install and continuously maintain more than 145 systems in North and South America. Partner businesses are able to garner important insight into the gameplay activity that is taking place on their gaming floors thanks to the Notification System and Intelligent Dispatch solutions that are incorporated into CasinoTrac.

CasinoTrac is already processing millions of data points from more than 150 million casinos worldwide. Waymore Casino has been happy with the addition as well, welcoming the new system and its operating capacity on-site. The company published a press release statement about the partnership and said:

We are excited about the array of new options we will have with the CasinoTrac systems; additionally, we are pleased to be partnering with TableTrac on this project and our future projects as we grow our operations.

Waymore Casino

Table Trac president Chad Hoehne was also pleased with the new collaboration between the companies and said that its solutions will help Waymore Casino to reach its true potential. Table Trac has signed a number of partnerships in recent months.

The company teamed up with Lucky Strike Casino. The company also struck another important partnership with Lake of the Torches Casino Resort in Lac Du Flambeau.


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