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Tabcorp Plans Using AI to Boost Sports Wagering Operations

Australia’s leading gambling operator, Tabcorp, is reportedly looking at boosting its sports wagering operations with artificial intelligence. The platform which the company has developed offers high-scale possibilities for predicting outcomes of NFL games and providing sports bettors with more elements to wager on.

Tabcorp to Use Artificial Intelligence

Last month, Australia’s gambling industry leader Tabcorp announced that it will not oppose a ban on credit cards as a payment method in the country. Considering the COVID-19 pandemic and related events, the operator has also revealed that it has shifted efforts to online gambling platforms. However, boosting online efforts is not the only way Tabcorp may be planning on getting ahead of its competitors Ladbrokes and Sportsbet. According to a recent report by the Sydney Morning Herald, the operator plans on boosting its sports wagering operations with artificial intelligence (AI).

We will be able to expand our NFL product range across all aspects of match outcomes and player markets.

David Beirne, general manager of trading, Tabcorp

Although there is plenty of available options for sports fans to bet on players, it is expected the new AI program to expand that even further. David Beirne, general manager of trading at Tabcorp explained that AI will significantly increase the betting “markets” which sports fans can bet on. He outlined that currently there are approximately 60 “markets” for one NFL game but that number may double to around 120 with the help of AI.

The AI Tool Features High-Scalability

Developed in-house, the new AI tool will function by running “simulations,” aiming to predict outcomes for American Football Games. As a result, Tabcorp will offer sports fans new exciting elements of the game on which they will be able to bet. The AI program was reportedly developed for a year. The tool can predict the likely outcome of a game based on analysis and running more than 10,000 simulations every second.

Undoubtedly, this high-scale platform will be able to boost Tabcorp’s sports wagering offering. Initially, the company will use the AI tool for NFL games, just in time for this season’s kick-off in September. With that in mind, soon, the new platform may be used for tennis, as well as NBA games

Currently, Tabcorp offers sports fans world-class diversified options for gambling. The company has more than 3.7 million registered and active customers and more than 5,000 employees, propelling it as Australia’s largest gambling operator.


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