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Symplify to Power NuxGame with AI-based CRM Solutions

NuxGame, a gambling platform provider that offers the most sought-after casino games, has penned a new agreement with Symplify, a Stockholm-based customer relations management (CRM) and AI cloud solutions specialist. Under the new deal, the latter company will power the supplier with the technology it needs to grow its business.

Symplify to Improve NuxGame’s CRM Capabilities

NuxGame currently provides many betting operators with seamless access to best-in-class casino titles. Thanks to Symplify’s robust solutions, NuxGame would be able to further scale up its business.
Predictive marketing and on-site recommendations are just some of NuxGame’s planned enhancements. To that end, the company will optimize the management of over 10 channels, which include its social channels, dynamic web, web push messaging, email and print, among others.

In addition, Symplify will leverage its AI CRM capabilities, including its Campaign and Journey builder modules. This technology will help NuxGame engage its customers with intricately personalized and AI-optimized experiences. As a result, NuxGame hopes to improve its customer engagement and retention rates.

Lastly, NuxGame will use Symplify’s AI modules to carefully monitor the behaviors of players. The platform provider is firmly focused on safer gambling and is keen on improving its overall sustainability by preventing gambling harm. AI tech will not only protect NuxGame customers but also ensure better satisfaction and higher lifetime value.

NuxGame Seeks to Optimize Its Marketing

Robert Kimber, the chief executive officer of Symplify, spoke about the new agreement with NuxGame. He praised the provider for cementing itself as a major player in the gaming market and said that Symplify’s team is thrilled to sign this partnership. Kimber emphasized that Symplify’s software is designed to positively impact CRM and is sure that its AI solutions will help NuxGame stand out.

Meanwhile, NuxGame’s chief executive officer, Daniel Heywood, said that his company prides itself on delivering only top-grade content. He listed several of NuxGame’s top solutions, including its Global Payment Solutions, Website API and Sports Engine, noting that all of them reflect the provider’s commitment to efficiency and timeliness.

Working with Symplify will allow us to maximize the impact for our audiences by optimizing our marketing strategies and in turn expand upon these possibilities for our clients, increasing the LTV of players by leveraging a personalized AI-optimized experience.

Daniel Heywood, CEO, NuxGame

A week ago, NuxGame also penned a strategic agreement with Flows, which agreed to supply the provider with its proprietary no-code innovation platform. Symplify, on the other hand, launched in the US two months ago, naming Stephen Crystal as president of the company’s operations in the country.


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