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NuxGame Inks Partnership Deal with Flows

NuxGame, a well-known provider of software for the gaming and betting industries, has formed a new partnership with Flows, an innovation platform that ingests data from any source or integration. Under the agreement, Flows will supply NuxGame with its no-code innovation platform.

Flow to Supply NuxGame with No-Code Platform

Thanks to the agreement, NuxGame will be able to leverage Flows’ no-code innovation platform to provide a higher degree of personalization to its customers. The provider’s clients will thus be able to build features and applications without code and use Flows’ automation tech to increase innovation.

As a result of the agreement, Flows will help NuxGame’s customers bolster their business by “orchestrating different data points from one place.” Thanks to this, partnering companies will be able to improve and speed up their pipeline by reducing costs and automating key processes without hurting the quality of the end product.

NuxGame is a provider of turnkey casino and sports betting solutions that supplies companies in both established and emerging markets all over the world. It offers a robust technical platform, as well as a premium suite of best-in-class casino titles. NuxGame partners can also benefit from the supplier’s sports betting tools and API technologies.

Flows, on the other hand, was created to be a universal piece of software that can be easily paired with any other tech solution a gaming business has. This allows businesses to focus on innovation instead of dealing with technical difficulties and arduous integrations. The plug-in no-code platform helps companies speed up development, track integrations and automate the workflow. The solution is designed to suit the needs of networks, gambling operators and suppliers.

Flows Is Thrilled to Join the NuxGame Family

Domenico Mazzola, Flows’ director of sales, commented on the agreement. He said that his team is very happy to join forces with NuxGame and is looking forward to supplying the provider with Flows’ innovation platform. Mazzola said that he is delighted that such a prominent and innovative supplier has recognized the benefits of Flows’ automation.

We look forward to building a long-term relationship with them and welcoming their customers to Flows in the not-too-distant future.

Domenico Mazzola, director of sales, Flows

Daniel Heywood, NuxGame’s chief executive officer, also spoke about the deal. He said that making constant improvements to the company’s list of products and services is one of NuxGame’s core goals. Because of that, Heywood is happy to give his customers greater choice than ever by inking a deal with Flows. He concluded that Flows’ zero coding requirements will be hugely beneficial for everyone.

In other news, NuxGame recently teamed up with Galaxsys, an innovative developer of next-gen games.


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