July 4, 2022 3 min read


Symplify to Power Gamdom with CRM Solutios

Symplify, a leading provider of CRM and AI technology, has agreed to power cryptocurrency casino operator Gamdom with its solutions. As per the deal, Gamdom will receive access to the provider’s acclaimed solutions.

Symplify Will Help Gamdom Retain Its Customers

Symplify’s job will be to optimize Gamdom’s CRM and boost its business with its omni-channel marketing tools. The provider will help the operator connect with its customers through messages, email, social media, voice chat, app and web push and print. Thanks to this, Gamdom will be able to better connect with its audience and grow its business.

In addition, Symplify will power the operator with its proven customer engagement programs. The provider will arm Gamdom with all the needed tools to create a personalized customer experience. Therefore, all of Gamdom’s users will get content that is tailored to suit their tastes in gaming. Thanks to Symplify, Gamdom will also get to provide its users with customer events and special campaigns.

Gamdom began its business as a payment solutions provider. However, the company quickly changed its focus, opting to become a cryptocurrency gambling operator instead. Through its deal with Symplify, Gamdom hopes to make its name known and become a leading force in the iGaming space.

CRM Is the Key to a Successful Gambling Business

The head of marketing for Gamdom, Christoffer Andersson, lauded Symplify as “the perfect partner” for Gamdom. He is sure that the provider will help Gamdom grow within the iGaming industry in a short space of time.

The CRM and omni-channel solutions have meant we’ve been able to promote our pioneering service and encourage players to engage with our suite of products.

Christoffer Andersson, head of marketing, Gamdom

The chief executive officer of Symplify, Robert Kimber, spoke about the deal. According to him, it is an honor to receive Gamdom’s trust. Therefore, Symplify will do everything in its power to help the crypto operator grow, reach more customers and improve its customer retention.  

Our ability to communicate with players in a highly-personalized manner will drive its expansion and ensure the company’s unique offering is recognized.

Robert Kimber, CEO, Symplify

Gamdom is not the first company in iGaming to recognize Symplify and its critically-acclaimed CRM and AI-powered solutions. Earlier this year, the provider struck a deal with Las Vegas Casino Diamond. This deal one again demonstrated that operators are growing increasingly aware of the importance of CRM solutions and how beneficial they can be to the business.


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