Swedish Consumers Satisfaction Rate with Gambling at 64%

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Swedish gamblers seem happier with the gambling industry in 2020 albeit they remain distrustful of the institution as a whole.

Swedes Happier with Gambling in 2020

The Swedish Quality Index (SQI) or Svenskt Kvalitetsindex has seen an increase in the overall satisfaction rate among consumers who interact with the gambling industry with the rate shooting up to 64% in 2020 as opposed to 59.7% from a year ago.

This comes at a time when the Gambling Market Inquiry or Spelmarknadsutredningen has issued recommendations for tougher regulatory action against “aggressive advertisement overexposure.”

The latest rating indicates that the Swedish gaming industry has managed to make it past the 60% threshold which is synonymous with “great dissatisfaction,” the index explained.

According to the SQI, the trend is going to stay positive with consumers reporting greater overall satisfaction from their interaction with gaming products in the country.

The findings are encouraging despite stricter regulatory measures introduced to tackle the potentially negative effects of isolation and limited social interaction during the pandemic.

SQI chief executive Johan Parmler has interpreted the recent findings as a confirmation that the country’s decision to open up to gaming entertainment at the beginning of 2019 was the right decision to make.

According to Parmler, an increase in customer satisfaction is proof that the industry is adapting to meet the preferences and tastes of the general public.

We Like You, But We Hardly Trust You

Swedish consumers may be happy with the quality of gaming products they have access to, but this hardly means they trust the industry as a whole. Trust in the industry remains at a record-low at 39.8%, inching up a few points from 35.0% in 2019.

However, brand loyalty seemed to be strong, and specifically, some 65.4% of consumers were prepared to trust their favorite gaming brand.

Parmler said that the industry as a whole should seek to bolster its efforts in restoring and instilling consumer confidence in gaming as a whole, and not just towards individual brands.

According to Parmler, brands that command greater respect should be the ones to do more for the segment as a whole and help it establish a good name for the entire gaming industry.

Meanwhile, non-gamblers have not been impressed by the numbers. If anything, the non-gambling population has reported 20% confidence level in the gambling industry based on SQI findings.

Regulated or Black Market, Can’t Tell

While Swedes are savvy consumers, only 5% of the population can tell if an operator is licensed or non-regulated. The survey looked into whether consumers gambled less or more, but the numbers have increased and decreased at roughly the same level, around 30% for those who gambled more and those who gambled less.

Some 2.6% have admitted to playing too much. Parmler has reassured that the industry will continue to respond to what is an evolving situation. Meanwhile, the country has appointed a lead to help tackle the black market.

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