Sweden Publishes a Memorandum on Stricter Gambling Advertising

A new proposal in Sweden calls for stricter rules for gambling advertising. The proposal calls for special moderation in gambling ads similar to the moderation used for alcohol advertising. With this move, the country aims to reduce gambling addiction which presents a serious public health problem.

Will Sweden Introduce Stricter Rules for Gambling Advertising?

The Ministry of Finance in Sweden published a memorandum with a proposal for stricter gambling advertising on Monday this week. The proposal calls for a “special moderation” when it comes to gambling marketing materials, intending to strengthen consumer protections in the country.

Under the Swedish Gaming Act, the marketing of gambling games is required to be moderate. However, the new proposal calls for a change from moderate to special moderation. With that in mind, a similar special moderation for marketing materials is applicable for alcohol advertising in the country.

In other words, the proposal calls for stricter measures and careful design for the marketing materials used to advertise gambling. The proposal is set to come into effect on July 1, 2022, while the last day for a response to the consultation is October 14 this year.

Gambling addiction is a public health problem and has serious consequences for people’s finances and health.

Ardalan Shekarabi, Swedish Minister of Social Affairs

In a statement released by the Ministry of Finance, the Swedish minister of social affairs, Ardalan Shekarabi commented on the subject. He stressed that gambling addiction represents a serious public health problem. Furthermore, Shekarabi acknowledged that gambling addiction has significant consequences on people’s finances and health.

Shekarabi revealed that the Ministry has received “a clear signal from several heavy authorities“, urging for the introduction of a special moderation for gambling advertising. As a result, he stressed that the memorandum with proposal aims to resolve this issue and ensure strict gambling advertising regulation.

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