Suspect Behind Rio Casino Murder Caught by Police

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Just after midnight on December 3, a man was stabbed to death in a hotel room at the Rio Hotel and Casino. While the Rio wasn’t mentioned by name, the location given by police could only have been the casino property. Now, the individual suspected of orchestrating the attack and murder is behind bars.

Rio Murderer Caught

When Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD) officers responded to the stabbing that night, they found a man with multiple stab wounds. Identified as 48-year-old Carlos Polanco Garcia, he would later succumb to the attack. The subsequent investigation determined that the victim and the then-unknown assailant were likely fighting in the room prior to the stabbing. The attack occurred, they said, as a result of a drug deal gone bad.

This past Tuesday, police caught up with the person they believe orchestrated the crime. The LVMPD hasn’t revealed how it was able to identify him, although the myriad of cameras at the Rio probably didn’t hurt. Now, 27-year-old Nicholas Dove is in custody and enjoying a free stay at the Clark County Detention Center on murder charges.

Vegas Becomes Hotbed for Crime

Vegas has seen an increase in violent crimes over the past couple of years. This has resulted in the LVMPD stepping up its patrols. Earlier this month, the LVMPD stated that it was getting a handle on the crime wave.

Bally’s Las Vegas Hotel and Casino was the site of a shooting on November 28. A few hours later, the body of a housekeeper at the same property was found. A week ago, a security guard at Santa Fe Station was shot.

According to Network In Vegas, Las Vegas is under a gag order. Casinos, law enforcement, and more are trying to paint a picture that everything is back to normal as the city tries to attract tourism. However, the reality is completely different and Sin City is far from the Utopia the media tries to project.

The local media outlet asserts that crime is out of control in Vegas. It cites as examples complete “NO-GO Zones” along the Vegas Strip where “police are almost nowhere to be found.” These areas are “controlled” by drug dealers and street gangs and tourists who enter the territory are subject to harassment and, in some cases, worse.

At the end of November, the site wrote, “For over two years now, we have been reporting on the complete breakdown of society throughout Las Vegas, while the lying media and local bloggers pretend ‘Vegas is Back’ — most being paid with our tax-dollars to repeat the mantra.”

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