Santa Fe Casino Shooting Leaves One Injured, but Could Have Been Worse

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In 2018 and 2019, Las Vegas began to witness a disturbing uptick in crime. Area law enforcement teams stepped up patrols and training, hoping to prevent the area from reverting to the Wild West. It has worked more closely with casinos to ensure they are able to protect themselves better, as well. A shooting at a local casino last Thursday could have been worse than it was, but the quick action of the casino’s security personnel prevented that from happening.

Santa Fe Casino in Vegas Averts Disaster

According to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, the Santa Fe Station security team responded quickly to a shooting that left one person uninjured. The casino was surrounded by Metro police on Thursday afternoon after they responded to a shooting inside. There had reportedly been a disturbance between a security officer and a male guest.

The guard was shot by the individual but was subdued by other guards before more harm could be inflicted. He was then handed over to the police.

Las Vegas Metro Police Department Lt. William Matchko told local media, “In this instance, they were able to take what was potentially a violent suspect and detain him immediately and wait for the police to come so that should give citizens a real sense of comfort to know that in an establishment like this they are doing their best to provide for security.”

Security Personnel Should Be Praised

Adam Coughran, a security expert for the hospitality industry, says that the security team’s quick response was a huge plus. “When action is taken, when the people involved in security take action with a physical restraint or stop the person that we reduce injuries,” he asserted.

Coughran claims that apprehending an armed individual is more difficult than what casino security guards usually deal with. However, he says they receive more training than security officers of other industries.

He explained that they continue their professional development training in active shooter response and workplace violence, securing properties, and loss prevention and that they are quite well trained.

Coughran said that Las Vegas’ name recognition is also a major factor in casinos investing in security to ensure visitors are safe. He said, “They’re taking a very proactive response to keep people who are visiting very safe, and should something happen that it can be quashed quickly and stopped quickly, and we can go about our business.”

Neither the shooter nor the security guard has been named. The guard was shot several times, but his injuries are non-life-threatening. Unlike most of the casino crime in Vegas, this incident took place in the middle of the afternoon, but the property wasn’t forced to shut down.

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