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Survey Shows Gamblers Much Vulnerable to Cost-Of-Living Crisis

A new survey commissioned by GamCare, the UK Charity that operates the National Gambling Helpline, has revealed that the cost-of-living crisis has made a serious impact on gamblers and has also forced people with gambling issues, that were on their way to recovery, relapse, and return to gambling. 

61% of Gamblers Worry about Their Finances

As a way to mark its 25 years anniversary, GamCare commissioned YouGov to survey Britons on their opinion regarding major gambling issues. The representative sample included 4,000 people and focused on topics such as how the cost-of-living crisis is affecting gamblers, online gambling, and new trends such as cryptocurrency trades.

The survey showed that gamblers and especially problem gamblers are experiencing huge pressures due to the cost-of-living crisis. 46% of those surveyed have said that they are worried about their financial situation, however, the number rises to 61% when only gamblers are included in the sample. This is supported by reports from the National Gambling Helpline advisors, which say that numerous callers, who are receiving social security payments, are resorting to gambling as a way to make extra money to pay their bills.

GamCare encourages anyone who feels that he or she is struggling with gambling or who is concerned about friends and family to contact their helpline. Anna Hemmings, chief executive at GamCare, has said:

For 25 years, GamCare has helped people experiencing problems with gambling. Over this time, we’ve gained knowledge and expertise from working collaboratively, including with people who have lived experience, on how to best support those affected by gambling harms.

GamCare chief executive Anna Hemmings

The organization is also raising awareness on gambling issues with a video where celebrities such as S Club 7 singer Jo O’Meara share their stories of gambling problems.

Gamblers exposed to issues with cryptocurrency 

Besides traditional gambling on sports and races, GamCare has noticed a new trend of high-risk trading, especially with cryptocurrencies, emerging among gamblers. The YouGov survey has revealed a link between purchasing cryptocurrency and problem gambling.

43% of problem gamblers own such currency, while 66% of gamblers that have low-level issues say they want to own cryptocurrency to make money. People, who already have issues with gambling, are much more likely to experience the negative effects of purchasing cryptocurrency. 25% of this group has reported that they want to invest more in order to cover losses already made.


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  • Albie
    June 27, 2022 at 6:07 pm

    When I was a child, 75+ years ago, there were only 2 vehicles parked in all the streets around us, one was a 3 wheel Bradford van and the other was a Jaguar. The local bookmaker owned the Jag. I remember my father saying “There’s a message in that”, he didn’t bet and neither do I.
    The only reason that betting companies continue to trade is because there’s enough people out there who think that they can beat the odds. Bookies aren’t a social service, they are there to take money from the “deluded”.
    If you can’t afford to pay your bills then YOU CAN’T AFFORD TO KEEP A BOOKIE IN PROFITS.
    Come on now, mug, get a grip!

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