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Super Group’s YoY Revenue Shoots Up 45% in 2021, Marking a Good Year

After revealing a 36% year-over-year (YoY) net gaming revenue increase projection for 2021 in its preliminary full-year report at the end of February, Betway and Spin holding company Super Group (SGHC) made its full-year results public. The group only recorded a 29% increase in net gaming revenue. However, Super Group recorded impressive YoY increases in all important metrics, including a 45% year-over-year revenue increase compared to 2020 data.

Super Group Had a Good 2021

Super Group’s chief financial officer called 2021 a “good year” and also a natural continuation of their ongoing “strong growth” in the past years. As a result of Super Group expanding its businesses and working together with 70 teams, franchises, and leagues spread across 17 countries, its profits jumped 58% on a year-over-year basis, reaching around €234.3 million ($255.6 million). 

Throughout 2021, Betway, Spin, and the Betway brand all launched fresh licenses in nine global markets, including Tanzania, France, and Germany for Betway, Mexico for Spin, and five US states for the Betway brand as part of a new acquisition deal with DGC. While the US markets in New Jersey, Colorado, Iowa, Indiana, and Pennsylvania have not started using the Betway Global technology, things are expected to change in the upcoming future. DGC has already gone live in 2022 in Arizona via the Betway Global platform, becoming DGC’s first gaming agreement with the tribes. At the beginning of the year, Super Group finalized its SPAC Sports Entertainment Acquisition Corp merger, getting ready to go live on the New York Stock Exchange.

The group’s cash and cash equivalents went up 112%, the gross gaming revenue for 2021 was approximately €1.8 billion ($1.96 billion), while the net gaming revenue went up by 29% on a YoY basis, reaching 1.26 billion ($1.36 billion). This indicator shows the extent of the market growth in regular markets where the group is active. In spite of some industry headwinds and legal challenges in some markets, Super Group had no problem reaching its most important financial goals in 2021. Overall, Super Group recorded YoY increases in all critical metrics, including revenue, gross revenue, and adjusted Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization which went up to 41% to €302 million ($329 million) for 2021.

Excellent Customer Numbers for Super Group

Super Group has an impressively wide reach across all major sports, including basketball, soccer, tennis, and golf. In esports, it covers no less than seven fields, while owning 11 tennis fields located in eight countries. The Betway brand is extremely visible in the English Premier League in all stadiums during approximately two-thirds of all games. The Chicago Bulls, the Cavs, the Warriors, the Mavs, the Bucks, and the Clippers are just some of the National Basketball Association teams that the group sponsors or has active partnerships with. 

Motorsports, ice hockey, cricket, horse racing, and rugby are also covered by Super Group, all helping reinforce the Betway brand worldwide and promoting growth. By appointing Lisa Kampf as vice president of investor relationships at the beginning of the month, Super Group aims to further bolster investor relations and tap into fresh opportunities.

The group also keeps a close eye on other major sports properties that may bring a profit in the future, constantly growing its customer database. Last year was a very lucrative one in terms of customers acquisition and retention, with the second half ending with an average count of $2.62 million active customers a month, signaling a 75% YoY increase.

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