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Study Suggests 73% of UK Gambling Industry Employees Like Their Job

While an overwhelming majority of the workers admitted to feeling "satisfied" or "happy" to work in the sector, some 20% claimed to be embarrassed

Across the United Kingdom, thousands of people are employed by the gambling industry. Retail betting outlets and casinos provide a wide range of opportunities for workers in different parts of the country. At the same time, the expansion of online gambling paves the way for new remote job opportunities.

Now, a new survey, published by Engage Health Group, an award-winning employee benefits and health insurance consultancy in the UK, uncovered how employees of gambling operators feel about their job.

The compile the results, some 250 employees within the gambling industry in the country were interviewed. The recently released report was titled “Gambling Industry Employees Reveal All 2024: Job Satisfaction, Employee Benefits and Beyond.”

Per the findings, nearly three quarters of 73% of the gambling industry employees admitted to feeling “happy” or “satisfied” with their job. An overwhelming majority of 72% also admitted they would recommend their current employer to either family members or friends.

Amid inflation and the increases in the cost of living, more than one third or 40% of the interviewed employees admitted to feeling they receive better remuneration in comparison to similar roles within other sectors.

Some 20% of the Gambling Industry Employees Admitted to Being Embarrassed

The interviewed employees were asked to share how they felt about their employment in the gambling sector. Some 40.80% admitted to feeling proud to be a part of the sector.

Approximately the same number of workers or 39.20% admitted to feeling neutral. On the other hand, only 20% of the gambling industry employees said they felt “a slight sense of embarrassment” due to their employment.

Engage Health Group's new UK gambling industry employee report
Image Source: Engage Health Group

Notably, more than three quarters of the employees who were interviewed highlighted that they feel they can progress within the sector. This was the response of 76.40% of the workers from the gambling industry. In contrast, only 23.60% admitted they don’t feel they can progress in the gambling industry.

When asked about employee benefits, 54.50% of the workers said that those were “very important to their choice of workplace.” Delving further into the same topic, just over one third or 37.6% admitted that health insurance is the most important benefit followed by life insurance.

Nick Hale, Engage Health Group’s founder director, spoke about the importance of communication and accessibility to benefits. He criticized some companies for investing in benefits but not promoting them to their employees.

Hale added: “Unfortunately, you can have the most comprehensive range of benefits, but if employees are not aware of them or struggle to access them, then a lot of that effort and resource has been wasted.”

Still, he admitted that it is good to see that more than half of the employees, or 53.60% “feel their benefits are very user-friendly and readily accessible.”


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