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Stuart Andrew Expects the Statutory Levy to Go Live Next Summer

Stuart Andrew says that everything would come to getting the timing right

As per the white paper, the United Kingdom is planning to proceed with its plans to introduce the statutory levy. The country’s current gambling minister, Stuart Andrew, believes that the UK will be able to deliver it for summer 2024.

For reference, the statutory levy is a measure that would force gambling operators to pay between 0.1% and 1% of their gross gaming revenue as a type of gambling tax that would fund gambling harm research, education and treatment. The levy would replace the existing voluntary system.

Andrew commented on the matter during the annual GambleAware conference, explaining the government’s progress when it comes to the implementation of the levy. He said that the government is focused on ensuring a seamless transition that would not hurt RET funding, allowing gambling harm charities to continue their work.

Andrew said that everything would come to “getting the timing right” and ensuring that all the necessary infrastructure, processes and relationships are in place. This means that the measure must be introduced in Parliament as quickly as possible, allowing his team to create the foundations for the levy.

The minister added that he hopes to create a clear roadmap that his team would follow when implementing the levy.

The Reforms May Take Years

In the meantime, Andrew is working with industry shareholders, consulting the upcoming measure. According to him, the industry will not cancel its voluntary funding until the levy has been officially introduced.

Unfortunately, the implementation of all the white paper measures is unlikely to happen anytime soon and certainly not before the next general election. According to Andrew Rhodes, CEO of the UK Gambling Commission, implementing so many measures is likely to keep his team occupied for the next few years.

Rhodes emphasized the need to approach the reforms with care rather than haste, ensuring that everything is well thought-out and functional. Despite that, critics have slammed the pace of the reforms, critiquing the government for its slow progress.

Rhodes, however, remains firm that progress is being made. He promised that the moderate pace would allow his team to create a UK gambling market that is safer and fairer.

Speaking of safe gambling, the UK government just outlined who may benefit from gambling addiction treatment.

In the meantime, the UK continues to discuss the controversial affordability checks, another measure outlined in the Gambling Act white paper.


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