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Streamer Mathil Says xQc Would Sell His Audience for Money

Tensions continue to build up, triggered by xQc’s decision to embrace gambling streams. The latest to take a jab at the streamer is fellow content creator Mathil, known to his Path of Exile fans and for his clever antics, and packing a sizeable audience.

xQc‘s Gambling Once Again Roasted by Fellow Streamer

Mathil was triggered by xQc’s own admission of being a gambling addict while still promoting the product to his followers. He is not the first one to do so as many, including Asmongold, Amouranth, and former Twitch streamer Ludwig have all weighed in on this dilemma. Yet, none have offered a sobering solution.

Mathil doesn’t look for one as he has chosen to pounce on xQc and outright criticize him. He probed the deeper issue of how well-heeled celebrities failed to be satisfied with the money they already had. But the most serious accusation came when Mathil said that xQc is effectively willing to sell his entire audience to make a little more.

He criticized the agreement xQc has with his current gambling sponsorships which he expects to net him $10 million a year. He further questioned the logic behind why a streamer would be making so much money in the first place, because “you know, you need a lot of money sitting in a room and playing games,” the streamer quipped.

The simple truth is xQc has a right to do with his finances as he pleases and add to his wealth in any which way he sees fit. His present path, though, has drawn a lot of criticism. Some fans have defended the streamers, however, arguing that nobody had to follow his example. xQc himself has insisted that despite being a gambling addict, he is lucky enough to have the money to squander.

This statement earned him on-air vituperation by his father. xQc currently provides his followers with a promo code they can use to register as his gambling sponsor. Some $119 million has already been wagered through his promo code in his own testimony. But this is also a recognition of the fact that there is a demand for gambling.

After all, xQc would not just turn his audience into gamblers overnight. It’s true that xQc has felt the pressure of peers and fellow content creators. He struggled over his decision for a good while but reached a decision in May and said that he enjoys gambling and he would continue doing it.

Twitch Is Equally to Blame for Predicament

A petition to clamp down on gambling has already started in the hopes of making sure that gambling on the Amazon-owned streaming giant is kept at bay. But that’s just it, so far Twitch has been hesitant as to what to do next.

Jeff Ifrah from Ifrah’s Law has commented on other streamers in the past, though, and said that the bottom line, streamers who promote gambling websites that are not licensed in the United States to US audiences may face some legal headwinds down the road.


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