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Streamer Ludwig Urges Twitch to End Gambling Sponsorships

Enough is enough it seems, as former Twitch streamer, Ludwig seems to think that the Amazon-owned streaming giant should clean up the house and stop condoning a practice that is causing a lot of problems. Twitch’s sponsored gambling content has been going strong with xQc, another popular streamer, recently grabbing headlines after he confessed that he loves gambling and he will be gambling on stream and accepting gambling sponsorships.

Streamer Ludwig Calls on Twitch to Act

Mizkif, yet another streamer confirmed that that kind of partnership could easily lead to $10 million a year for less than 30 minutes of work daily. Ludwig though thinks that this is not good and he has called out Twitch publicly to end this practice. Commenting on his channel on YouTube, Ludwig said that Twitch needs to stop these partnerships in the first place.

In his “Twitch Needs to Stop Gambling Streamers” video, Ludwig didn’t mince his words, sparing neither streamer nor platform about the corrupt practice and their voluntary choice to opt into it. Ludwig did focus the bulk of his criticism on Twitch as the main culprit.

Twitch has made some attempts to mitigate gambling and has taken it to a different category but this did not help solve the inherent problem, which is that popular streamers continue to expose their viewers to this type of content. Ludwig called this practice “not okay:”

“I have a theory where I just think that we shouldn’t rely on humans to have the morality that we are looking for. They should not be the ethical person. It should be the platform. The platform is the one that should dictate what is OK and not OK.”

Ludwig homed in on the partnerships bit in particular. If Twitch were to stop such partnerships from ever taking place, streamers would have little incentive to gamble on stream.

No Gambling Sponsorships, No Incentive to Play

The streamer has aptly concluded that Twitch personalities are tempted by the seven-figure deals they get for playing games of chance as opposed to a genuine love for the slots.

Mizkif admitted that he was tempted because $10 million was a big lump sum to make in a year, especially when you are in your 20s. Many legal experts have warned that signing gambling sponsorships could get streamers in legal trouble with authorities, especially when advertising non-regulated gambling brands.

Most offshore operators want to gain exposure in the United States, as they know that US gamblers have a huge value if converted. Twitch has not released any official statement as to how it plans to handle gambling sponsorships. xQc was playing slots on stream for five hours a few days ago, maintaining a healthy 100,000 concurrent viewers. This is a lot.


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