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Steve Wynn Finds Court Support in Defamation Lawsuit against Attorney

Steve Wynn has been in the news a number of times over the past three years, most often in a negative light. The founder and former CEO of casino operator Wynn Resorts has faced several accusations of sexual misconduct that ultimately led to his decision to step down from the company, although he has repeatedly proclaimed his innocence. While he hasn’t been able to escape the negative publicity, he has won a few small victories and just added another at the end of last month. An attempt to dismiss a defamation lawsuit he brought against attorney Lisa Bloom has been rejected by an appeals court. 

Steve Wynn Trying To Clear His Name

Wynn accused Bloom and her law firm, The Bloom Firm, of issuing a press release in March of 2018 related to a female employee of Wynn Resorts who was alleging sexual harassment and retaliation against the embattled casino mogul. It was said that the former employee was paid $7.5 million for her silence; however, Wynn and his legal team have asserted that the accusations were without merit and that they could prove it. 

In response, Wynn launched a defamation lawsuit against Bloom, seeking a minimum of $75,000, but the attorney has tried to have the suit thrown out. She argued in front of a judge a year ago that Wynn was attempting to buy his way out of the debacle, requesting that the suit be dismissed on anti-SLAPP (strategic lawsuit against public participation) grounds. SLAPP lawsuits are those viewed as an attempt to intimidate or silence critics, and Bloom argued that Wynn was only a “billionaire trying to silence his critics.”

Bloom Loses Again And Again

When Senior US District Judge James Mahan denied Bloom’s claim to dismiss the suit a year ago, the attorney tried again, sending her request to the 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals. According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, a three-judge panel of the appellate court responded late last month, deciding that she hasn’t made a strong enough case to have the suit thrown out. Now, Bloom, who has her own attorney running point in the lawsuit, is going to continue to fight. Marc Randazza is preparing to submit a request to the court to ask that a full panel of judges review the motion. 

In dismissing the request, the appellate court panel explained, “Wynn has demonstrated a genuine dispute of material fact as to whether Bloom Defendants acted with actual malice in publishing the Press Release. Bloom Defendants chose to publish the Press Release inculpating Wynn after learning that none of the witnesses could confirm that Wynn played any role in giving the instructions and without considering alternative explanations or investigating further.”

Wynn Not Clear Of All Allegations

Even though there’s a good chance that Wynn will be able to absolve himself of the accusations tied to this particular employee, the damage is already done, and there are other examples of where his sexual proclivities incorrectly guided his day-to-day management of Wynn Resorts. Since his departure from the company, however, it has rebounded higher than ever and appears to be on track to be a major force as the US gambling industry heads in a new direction, one mostly driven by online casinos and sports gambling. 


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