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Wynn Resorts Battling Another Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

Wynn Resorts has had it pretty in the past couple of years and it seems its woes are not going away anytime soon. Last week, a class-action lawsuit was filed against the Las Vegas-based casino operator. According to the lawsuit, the gambling and entertainment facility still harbors a hostile work environment for women who accused Steve Wynn, the company’s former chief executive and chairman, of sexual harassment.

Mental Abuse

Filed by Brenna Schrader, a massage therapist who works at the facility, the lawsuit alleges that there is mental abuse at the workplace. As it turns out, the women are discouraged from protesting or complaining about sexual harassment they face while working.

Ms. Schrader’s lawsuit says that the Wynn Resorts executives have been “mentally abusing” her. She had been previously forced to perform sex acts on Steve Wynn from 2012 to 2016. Apparently, the executives “appear to blame victims for the discriminatory environment that permeates the workplace atmosphere to this day.” The lawsuit even states that the company executives have gone as far as labeling the female victims of Steven Wynn as “prostitutes and sluts.”

Furthermore, Ms. Schrader made attempts to report the sexually hostile work environment during the years she was forced to have sex with the former CEO. In fact, she has even tried to report similar incidents as recently as this year. All these efforts were met with hostility and Wynn Resorts continues to support Mr. Wynn this has been possible through various memorandums that are reportedly “calculated to deter female employees from cooperating and liberating themselves from forced sexual servitude and a sexually hostile environment.”

Wynn Resorts Responds

Mr. Wynn has still stuck to denying the claims to have used his power and influence to sexually harass female employees. However, there was enough evidence to have the businessman banished form the company. The company and its new CEO were also subject to hefty fines as well as a lot of scolding and scrutiny.

The new lawsuit spells fresh trouble for the company which simply means that they may have to deal with more damage control. The company has sent out a statement where they assured the public that they are “deeply committed to a fair, supportive, and open work environment.”

Another notable part of their statement alleges that Wynn has not received any complaints related to sexual misconduct since the completion of a regulatory investigation. The executives mentioned that they promptly investigated one allegation and they “immediately followed all appropriate procedures to address the matter.”

Following a recent investigation into the company’s work environment, a lot of new rules were put in place. Whether Wynn Resorts is able to avoid further and tougher regulatory action or not will be dependent on how it handles the most recent lawsuit.

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