July 6, 2023 2 min read


Statscore Enhances Live Data Coverage with Cutting-Edge Ads

The supplier’s newest LiveMatchPro feature enables companies to embed promotional material during live coverage, bolstering visibility and awareness

Statscore’s latest innovation can have significant implications for the future of sports betting coverage, opening the gates for more integrated advertisements and promising lasting value for stakeholders. The technology can maximize ad impact on players, seamlessly integrating them into the most memorable moments during a match for guaranteed exposure.

A New Era of Marketing

LiveMatchPro revolutionizes how viewers interact with sports data by integrating logos and advertisements directly into the live coverage. Traditionally, live data feeds display only raw statistics and information, leaving limited room for branding and commercial promotion. With LiveMatchPro, Statscore bridges this gap by seamlessly incorporating promotional information, transforming the live data coverage into a visually appealing and engaging experience.

The new technology has two primary applications. It can intermingle logos and ads with statistics and score information, allowing viewers to click on their favorite brands and redirect them to potential promotional campaigns. More importantly, the tool can display advertisements directly on the playing field during the game’s highlights, guaranteeing viewer engagement.

Statscore’s newest feature fully supports animations, giving companies substantial freedom in designing the perfect, eye-catching logo. The technology works on most high-profile sports, promising to be a game-changer. LiveMatchPro launches with support for 36 languages, with the ability to easily incorporate new ones, guaranteeing its success across diverse jurisdictions.

Strategic Ads Maximize Exposure

LiveMatchPro’s features solve many businesses’ concerns with traditional marketing. Traditional ads reach only a minuscule percentage of viewers and often lack the necessary impact to divert their attention. However, animated, interactive content during halftime breaks, before and after the game, can command significantly more attention. Real-time promotional material projected directly on the field during heated moments further enhances exposure, guaranteeing lasting value.

Including such cutting-edge content during live data coverage brings a new dimension to the sports viewing experience. Fans can now identify their favorite brands, sponsors, and partners as they engage with real-time match updates. For businesses, LiveMatchPro offers an enticing platform to promote their products or services to a captive audience. 

Statscore’s compelling and innovative product will be instrumental in securing the company’s position in a highly competitive environment. Its one-of-a-kind offering should lead to new strategic partnerships as businesses realize the merits of LiveMatchPro’s advanced features. The developer remains committed to delivering cutting-edge solutions that drive innovation, revenue generation, and enhanced engagement within the sports industry.

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