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Stats Perform Secures IBIA Accreditation for Record Three Years in a Row

Stats Perform and its exceptional commitment to integrity earned it yet another IBIA Data Standards accreditation

Stats Perform, a leading sports data and analytics company, has received yet another Data Standards accreditation from the International Betting Integrity Association (IBIA). This notably makes it the first company to ever achieve this accreditation three years in a row.

Stats Perform Receives Its Third Accreditation

The IBIA accreditation reflects Stats Perform’s devotion to integrity in sports data, as well as the company’s firm stance against fraud. The company’s products are used by a number of notable sports betting operators and sports federations around the world, making its commitment to integrity very important to the industry.

Stats Perform’s chief betting officer, Andrew Ashenden, commented on the accreditation, praising his team for achieving the standard for the third year in a row. Ashenden added that this shows why Stats Perform’s Betting and Opta sports data is used by so many pricing providers, sportsbooks and top sports federations.

Stats Perform is a long-term advocate for the highest standards of integrity and quality in sports data because we know it is critical for the accuracy and veracity of sports competitions and the betting markets that cover them

Andrew Ashenden, CBO, Stats Perform

The officer concluded that his team realizes the importance of accurate and trustworthy data to betting companies and sports leagues.

Stats Perform kicked 2023 off with an exclusive data deal with Tennis Australia, expanding its data distribution for licensed sports betting operators.

The IBIA Is Delighted by Stats Perform’s Commitment

The IBIA, meanwhile, praised Stats Perform for its commitment to integrity. Khalid Ali, the chief executive officer of the association, also shared his thoughts on Stats Perform’s performance. He congratulated the company on achieving accreditation for the third year in a row and pointed out that this is why its solutions are so popular.

Ali concluded that the IBIA believes the Data Standards protocols are the key to ensuring a better and healthier sports betting environment.

The IBIA consists of a few dozen gambling operators that are working together for a fraud and corruption-free betting industry. Many of the big gambling companies are a part of the association, with its members being responsible for more than 50% of all the regulated commercial wagering activity in the world.

A few days ago, the IBIA welcomed Simplebet as its latest member. The micro-betting specialist believes that integrity and trust are non-negotiable and, because of that, was excited to join the association. At the beginning of the year, the IBIA was also joined by BetJACK, a company operating sports betting in Ohio.


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