June 6, 2022 3 min read


Stats Perform and Sporting Solutions to Launch a Betting Innovation Centre

Sports data and analytics company Stats Perform has teamed up with Sporting Solutions, a London-based B2B provider of trading and pricing solutions. The two will launch a new Betting Innovation Centre.

The Betting Innovation Will Change the Game

The Betting Innovation Centre is the peak of the companies’ expertise in their respective fields. It is a hub that combines data science and sports data with modeling and trading. This will be the first time all these elements have been combined.

Notably, the Betting Innovation Centre will, according to its developers, “unlock the true potential of popular betting experiences like player propositions and betbuilders.” Partners of the two companies will be able to access a wide range of markets and integrate quality bet builder pricing and contextual content, using world-famous Opta data.

According to the plan, the Betting Innovation Centre will be launched in Fall 2022, ahead of the upcoming soccer World Cup in Qatar.

The Companies Are Looking Forward to Innovating the Market

Shane Gannon, the senior vice president of partnerships for Stats Perform, said the ingredients of the Betting Innovation Centre are “truly world-class.” He lauded Sporting Solutions for its expertise with pricing sharp models and traders – things that will boost the hub’s quality. Meanwhile, Stats Perform will bring its acclaimed Opta and RunningBall data to further power the new Innovation Centre.

Gannon noted that the unique expertise of the two companies will result in something truly special:

Together, this means trusted, unique, connected betting products, pre-match and in-play, singles and bet-builders, down to player level, with insightful contextual content for every selection, deployed more intuitively, in more places, for more events and sports.

Shane Gannon, SVP of partnerships, Stats Perform

Lastly, Gannon teased that his company is already putting a significant effort into its first product. He added that he can’t wait to launch “a series of unbeatable propositions for sportsbooks and bettors alike.”

Andy Wright, the chief executive officer of Sporting Solutions, also shared his thoughts. He said that Stats Perform and Sporting Solutions share a common belief that betting has enormous untapped “game-play” potential. This is mostly because dynamic pricing at scale tends to be extremely difficult, Wright added.

The industry also needs innovative, engaging products, that are easy and entertaining for bettors to use and don’t involve lengthy development times for operators. That’s the future we will unlock with our Betting Innovation Centre.

Andy Wright, CEO, Sporting Solutions

Wright is in awe of how the two companies’ unique strengths have come together. He believes they will create “a new and enduring high-water mark for immersive betting experiences.”


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