June 30, 2022 2 min read


Stats Perform Adds Updates to PressBox Platform

Stats Perform has unveiled updates to its PressBox sports media offering which is designed to appeal to modern sports fans and bettors. The improvements are introduced as part of the “Moments That Matter” exposition and focus on boosting three specific verticals of the PressBox experience, to name Video, Graphics and Live.

Boosting All PressBox Verticals and Reach

The idea is to ensure that sportsbooks, media publishers and broadcast companies have access to data-driven options that provide them with historic context and content creation options that ultimately improve the way fans can engage with sports.

Commenting on this opportunity, Stats Perform VP of product Paul Every said that the PressBox platform is currently the market-leading and defining solution that has not been matched. He added:

We know the modern-day fan wants timely, relevant, quick, and easy to consume content. We know that media publications are in the race to capture loyal viewers. No one knows fan engagements better than Stats Perform.

Paul Every, VP of product, Stats Perform

Stats Perform is heavily focused on leveraging artificial intelligence to ensure that the sports data collected and fed back to stakeholders is actually worthwhile and offers them an opportunity to engage with sports fans in new, unique and value added ways.

A Well-Rounded Solution

Stats Perform chief product and marketing officer Nancy Hensley welcomed the updates to the platform and what it means for content creators, fans and stakeholders:

With this offering, Stats Perform continues to drive transformative value and lead industry innovation in its ability to capture the moments that matter most to modern-day sports fans.

Nancy Hensley, chief product and marketing officer, Stats Perform

The PressBox Live solution is already assisting the NCAA and NFL, two of the biggest American sports contests out there, and it offers contextualized insights as well as a better read of the collected data. Speed has become a byword for success as stakeholders need quick data interpretations to ensure they provide a competitive product to sports fans.

PressBox Graphics enables content creators to quickly share information and content through a dedicated mobile app. The PressBox Video comes with in-platform editing features that help stakeholders make sure that the video content they release is up to scratch and powered by premium sports data.

Put altogether, PressBox is a powerful solution that continues to improve the sports, media and betting spaces in one single package.


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