March 9, 2023 2 min read


Starlizard Integrity Services Launches Sports Integrity Solution

Starlizard Integrity Services has launched Komodo, a free online integrity alert system for the fight against match-fixing in sports

Starlizard’s expert integrity arm of sports betting consultancy Starlizard Integrity Services (SIS) will use the newly released system to flag suspicious matches to interested sports bodies and enforcement agencies. Komodo will also be used to offer these organizations detailed evaluations of the activity on the sports betting market as well as the performance indicators on the field. 

Komodo to Cover Soccer, Cricket and Other Sports  

The new integrity solution will make its debut by offering coverage for soccer and cricket. Later on, new popular sports will follow suit. Komodo users will receive operational alerts every time a game will be given an integrity red flag. What’s more, they will benefit from the enhanced interactivity of the platform that can find and display certain patterns and trends within their own jurisdictions and sports.

As previously explained, the reports generated by Komodo will be available for use during investigations regarding match-fixing. They will also be available for use as legal evidence during legal proceedings, in the context of SIS evidence having already earned recognition from the Court of Arbitration for Sport.

The Freshest Contribution to the Fights Against Corruption in Sport

SIS’ head, Affy Sheikh, explained that the future success of anti-match fixing efforts will depend on the use of “more and better information” that can be accessed for free by integrity officers and investigators. Sheikh spoke about Komodo as an “innovative tool” that is meant to do just that, further explaining the new system has been generated with the help of important investments. 

Starlizard’s chief executive, Steve Edery, further spoke about the London-based sports betting consultancy company’s ongoing commitment to show support for international sports governing bodies and enforcement agencies in their fight against match-fixing. 

This fight started in 2010, which is the year when Starlizard started to offer its integrity services to the sports industry, and it continued with the launch of their Starlizard Integrity Services arm seven years later with the intention to tackle integrity and work sports integrity stakeholders. 

Komodo is, therefore, the latest contribution to the worldwide fight against corruption in sports. 

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