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Brazil’s New Sports Integrity Body Takes Matters into Its Own Hands

The Brazilian Association for the Defense of Sport Integrity (ABRADIE) already has the backing of several high-profile operators

The newly formed non-profit organization pledged to ensure the future integrity of Brazilian sports by uniting all industry members under a single goal. ABRADIE plans to assess the current situation, identify potential issues, propose recommendations and present the government with an action plan. The organization hopes to encourage meaningful reforms, ensuring a safe and secure betting environment.

Brazil Is Yet to Implement Proper Regulations

The Brazilian government has recently been under substantial pressure to update the country’s sports betting regulation following a series of match-fixing scandals. The lack of proper regulatory oversight means offshore operators reign unchecked, and consumer protections suffer. Brazilian leagues also face significantly higher risks of match-fixing and fraud, putting additional pressure to introduce a solution.

To the rescue now comes ABRADIE, a non-profit organization formed in collaboration with operators Entain, Genius Sports, Rei Do Pitaco, and law firms Bichara e Motta and Maia Yoshiyasu Advogados. Their substantial experience and industry presence will help the new body pave the way toward improved integrity in sports and associated betting.

Improved Sports Integrity Is Vital to a Healthy Market

ABRADIE already has a plan of action, starting with consultations with authorities, operators, and other industry members to assess the current integrity measures. The organization will also focus substantially on education for players and match officials, but its primary goal remains the early detection of suspicious betting behaviors. Genius Sports CCO Chris Dougan stressed the importance of collaboration and expressed optimism regarding ABRADIE’s future impact.

We look forward to working with regulators, members of law enforcement, operators, sports leagues, and other key stakeholders to prevent fraud and protect the integrity of sports.

Chris Dougan, Genius Sports CCO

The sports integrity body’s other founding members were equally as eager, reiterating their commitment to creating a well-regulated and governed Brazilian market. Rei do Pitaco chief legal officer Rafael Marchetti Marcondes noted that a sustainable sports betting market depended heavily on functioning responsible gaming practices. He added that adequate regulations would benefit all parties involved.

Cases that could jeopardize the reputation of the sport… must be monitored and punished, as all stakeholders in the betting market lose out to fraudulent and criminal attitudes.

Rafael Marchetti Marcondes, Rei do Pitaco chief legal officer

ABRADIE enters the scene during a critical time for the Brazilian sports betting market. Despite the complicated political situation, the country continues to make tentative progress toward sports betting legalization. The introduction of a new integrity body should hopefully provide the necessary impetus for the government to introduce proper gambling legislation and reap the benefits of a healthy and regulated market.

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