September 14, 2023 3 min read


Stakelogic Live Confirms Launch of Live Casino Bonus Tool

The new innovative Bonus Tool allows operators to easily manage rewards and promotions and benefit from increased fan engagement

Amid the growth of the online gambling industry, there is an increasing demand for player engagement tools that keep players engaged with the help of personalized offers and promotions. Stakelogic Live, the leading provider of live casino content and software, confirmed the release of a new tool that seeks to take player engagement and promotions to a new level. Details regarding the new smart Bonus Tool for live casino operators emerged Thursday.

The provider revealed that there are multiple obstacles that iGaming operators face when it comes to promotions for live content. Some of the obstacles are related to the customization of the offering and delivery of such promotions. This, in turn, can create challenges with customer engagement.

However, the new solution from Stakelogic Live addresses all such concerns, providing operators with powerful tools that elevate the thrill and excitement for online players. Increasing player experience in combination with delivering instant bonuses and rewards would be key advantages online gaming operators would benefit from by leveraging Stakelogic Live’s Bonus Tool.

Ultimately, those processes help increase playtime, which in turn can result in revenue growth. To achieve this, the innovative Bonus Tool provides the operators with options for the customization of promotions, including conditions, player engagement options and distribution of rewards.

The Solution Brings a Plethora of Features

Dejan Loncar, Stakelogic Live’s head of live casino, spoke about the company’s growing position as a provider of solutions, software and games to operators across the globe. He spoke about the quality of Stakelogic’s content, explaining that it helps deliver unrivaled experiences for the players.

Loncar added that Stakelogic Live wanted to elevate the thrill and excitement even more by delivering promotions and bonuses that help operators grow. “Our new Bonus Tool allows them to do just that, offering personalized promotions that truly engage,” he said. Finally, Loncar said that the new solution helps increase brand loyalty and revenue.

Operators can use it to not only exceed player expectations but to ultimately increase the time they spend in the game, driving revenues and brand loyalty to new heights.

Dejan Loncar, Head of live casino at Stakelogic Live

The are many capabilities that help the Bonus Tool stand out in the competitive iGaming sector. The solution enables operators to deliver instant rewards. Such rewards can be awarded manually, automatically or in cases when players reach certain achievements.

Moreover, the Bonus Tool offers options for push notifications, elevating the excitement and thrill for the players in real-time. The innovative solution also features comprehensive reporting capabilities. This enables operators to review and analyze their promotions and implement changes or optimization where necessary.


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