September 14, 2023 3 min read


Black Cow Picks Sarah Agostini for Head of Business Development

The seasoned expert with a track record in business development and sales will help build a structured sales pipeline for Black Cow

The provider of The Open Gaming Architecture backend gaming platform, Black Cow Technology, announced a new senior-level appointment. The company revealed Thursday it strengthened its C-suite with the appointment of Sarah Agostini to the role of head of business development. The recent hire comes amid a busy period for the company as it sees significant growth and strong demand for its suite of solutions.

In her new role, Agostini will oversee important processes and help build a structured sales pipeline that will include new and existing opportunities. This pipeline would feature game developers, aggregators, as well as operators, among other companies that can benefit from Black Cow’s innovative technology.

Additionally, as head of business development, she will help businesses better understand how The Open Gaming Architecture can bring benefits. Ultimately, Agostini will play a key role in the expansion of Black Cow’s portfolio of business clients and help the company expand its technology among suppliers and operators alike.

The recent senior-level appointment isn’t a surprise, considering Agostini’s extensive experience and knowledge. Throughout her professional career, she was able to accumulate significant experience in investments and advertising, as well as precision analytical equipment. As a part of the C-suite at Black Cow, she will also engage with the company’s PR team and assist with product education.

Agostini Is Thrilled to Join Black Cow Technology

Sharing her excitement, Agostini said that she will be excited to help develop the company’s structured sales pipeline. At the same time, she acknowledged she will provide valuable feedback to Black Cow’s teams and help more suppliers and operators benefit from the company’s leading solutions.

It’s an honor to join Black Cow and to be responsible for structuring its sales pipeline, deliver valuable feedback to the wider team and connect with more operators and suppliers that could benefit from our incredible suite of solutions.

Sarah Agostini, head of business development at Black Cow Technology

Additionally, Agostini pointed out that she finds the challenge exciting and looks forward to helping Black Cow exceed its targets. In conclusion, the company’s new head of business development pointed out: “Black Cow’s solutions really do sit at the cutting edge and I can ensure more businesses than ever before understand how Black Cow can help them to succeed.”

I am thrilled to welcome Sarah to the team as our Head of Business Development.

Max Francis, CEO at Black Cow Technology

Max Francis, Black Cow’s CEO, welcomed Agostini to the senior-level team of the company. He spoke about her exceptional track record in business development and sales while highlighting her talent.

Francis said that Agostini makes the perfect fit for the role at Black Cow and predicted that the company will exceed its targets with her invaluable guidance. Finally, he said that Black Cow is looking forward to the success the new collaboration will bring.


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