Stadia Ventures’ Sports Betting Innovation Summit Starts May 13

Sports betting industry leaders and entrepreneurs are going to discuss the latest changes and innovations within the sports betting landscape at the Stadia Innovation Summit. The summit starts online on Thursday, May 13.

Stadia Innovation Summit Launches Online This Thursday

Stadia Ventures, the global sports innovation hub, has created an event that aims to bring together esports and sports industry leaders and entrepreneurs. The participants in the Stadia Innovation Summit will discuss the changes and innovations in the sports betting landscape. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the event will be held online. The Stadia Innovation Summit is set to start this Thursday, May 13, and will run from 10 am through 12 pm CDT.

The summit starts with a fireside chat with Sue Schneider, a leading expert in the sports betting and internet gambling industries. The discussion will include how sports betting legalization in the United States continues to evolve in each state. Furthermore, the fireside chat will provide an insight into the ever-changing landscape of the sports betting industry in the US.

Two Panels to Discuss Partnerships and Startups within the Sports Betting Industry

The opening panel of Stadia’s summit will focus on new partnerships between sports organizations and legal sports betting operators. Although those partnerships were once seen as taboo, now, they continue to change the industry which results in amazing growth. The panel will be led by leaders in entertainment, media, and traditional sports who will share their views about the sports betting landscape.

Raphael Polock, SVP of business development at Bleacher Report will participate in the opening panel together with Genius Sports Group director of M&A, Rob Pietroforte. Furthermore, the discussion will be joined by Andrew Brown, VP of global strategy at WWE, and Eric Rimsky, senior director of fantasy and betting partnerships at NBA.

Additionally, the second panel of the summit will provide insight into the growing number of startups navigating the sports betting landscape. The participants in this panel will share their investor stories from the continuously evolving sports betting landscape. Chris Grove, co-founder and EVP of acquisitions at Acies Acquisition Corp will join the discussion. Furthermore, Mustafa Abdul-Hamid, Boost founder and CEO, as well as Ludovic Adel, co-founder and CEO at Tipstop will also participate in the panel.

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