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Spribe’s Aviator Wins More iGaming Ground with Alea Partnership

Spribe continues to expand its reach through a new link-up with the prominent aggregator of casino content

As a result of the partnership, Spribe will bring its acclaimed crash-style game, Aviator, to Alea and help boost awareness for its distinct Turbo Games series, strengthening reach and engagement with customers for partner operators as well.

Spribe Takes a Big Content Stride Forward with Alea

Aviator has been one of the most popular crash-style games over the past years. Launched originally in 2018, Spribe has been proud of the success and reach of its products over the past years. Aviator’s strengths lie chiefly in the fact that the game elevates the traditional gaming experience by allowing players to make choices as to how long they want to play before they quit a round – or crash.

Spribe managing director David Natroshvili welcomed the partnership and the opportunity to be expanding the reach of his company, saying:

It’s great to see Aviator and other games from our award-winning portfolio be made available to operators powered by Alea, and for them to be able to engage new audiences with our games while also providing existing players with fresh casino content.

Spribe managing director David Natroshvili

Since it launched, Aviator has been one of the most notable products the industry has had to offer to players, offering a mix of unique and immersive experiences. A great strength of the game has been the fact that it relies on a simple User Interface that makes onboarding of new players intuitive and straightforward, elevating the immersiveness of the experience in the process.

Presently, Spribe says that Aviator has more than five million monthly active players making it one of the most-played crash games and casino titles of all time. The game similarly relies on a strong social aspect whereby players tend to compete against each other in a bid to score bigger, or just try to push past each other’s accomplishments.

Alea Is Similarly Excited to See This Partnership Through

This has had a tremendous impact on the level of engagement that Aviator has brought to its partner operators. By signing this partnership with Alea, Spribe will be significantly scaling its efforts and bringing the game to new players as well. Alea COO Jordi Sendra has similarly welcome the partnership and the opportunity to expand the platform’s dedicated library of innovative games, speaking highly of how successful Aviator has become:

The number of players it attracts is off the charts and it really does provide a thoroughly entertaining, interactive experience.

Alea COO Jordi Sendra

Alea brings a dedicated New Generation Casino Game Aggregator that allows partner operators to launch a variety of games. The platform already runs more than 10,000 titles, which includes slots, live dealer games, and innovative games such as the ones offered by Spribe.

Spribe’s Turbo portfolio isn’t restricted to just Aviator, though, as it similarly features Mines, Plinko, HiLo, Mini, Roulette, Hotline, and other games. Spribe has recently introduced its Aviator title to SKS365 and the company’s Planetwin365 brand in Italy.


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