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Spotlight Unveils Its Innovative SaaS Product Line

Global leader in sports tech, content, and media, Spotlight Sports Group (SSG) announced its newest lineup of Software as a Service (SaaS) products

The London-based company made an official press release, sharing information about its newest SaaS product lineup. A top-of-the-line solution for sports betting and fantasy sports, it boasts seamless integration with no loss of quality, highlighting Spotlight’s dedication to its partners. The SaaS product line cements the developer’s position as a speed-to-market leader and is a vital stepping stone toward its 2023 expansion plans.

The Developer Remains at the Cutting Edge

SSG already started the year with a bang, updating its core Superfeed engine to deliver insights in 136 betting markets. The solution aims to meet growing consumer demand and provide users with worthwhile and in-depth market options and content, boosting engagement and retention rates. The reveal of Spotlight’s SaaS solution proves that the developer intends to maintain its innovation-focused approach.

The SSG Software as a Service lineup includes a comprehensive list of products designed as an answer to increased demand from sports betting and fantasy sports partners. The included Games Engine, Affiliate Management Services, Smart Content Modules, Tools Maker, and DFS Lineup Generator return creative power to the platform managers, providing them with finely crafted and easy-to-use engagement tools.

Early Impressions Were Overwhelmingly Positive

The new SaaS lineup’s greatest strength lies in its ease of integration. Platform managers can start using the products with minimal wait time, significantly boosting the scale and scope of their audience engagement efforts across multiple markets. PointsBet Canada had the opportunity to test the products in a real-life environment, and operator CCO Nic Sulsky had only positive remarks about Spotlight’s software solutions.

The SSG team managed the bracket challenge from beginning to end and provided our audience with an impeccable user experience.

Nic Sulsky, PointsBet Canada CCO

Sulsky noted that the platform was ready for use within weeks, perfectly meeting all required specifications. The experience should easily translate to other partners as well. SSG Senior VP Rick Wolf confirmed that the company’s end goal with this product lineup was to meet the increased demand from the rapidly maturing North American sports betting industry without compromising quality.

Developing our already state-of-the-art products into SaaS products is a key element in our innovative, progressive plans.

Rick Wolf, Spotlight Sports Group Senior VP, B2B Partnerships

According to Wolf, SSG’s integrated content and powerful tools would be perfect for content and marketing teams looking to quickly and efficiently bring their ideas to life without expensive development resources. Other partners who had the chance to test the SaaS solution confirmed the Spotlight VP’s sentiment, lauding the developer’s focus on innovation through new or improved technology.

Spotlight’s impressive track record and position as the leading sports tech speed-to-market developer have given the company a significant head start in 2023. With two successful launches as early as January, SSG has built up considerable momentum, showcasing why they are market leaders in driving engagement, retention, and conversion in the sports betting sector.

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