June 27, 2022 3 min read


Sportradar Introduces All-in-one Sportsbook Solution ORAKO

Sportradar continues to innovate the sports betting landscape by bringing some of the most powerful technology solutions to the fore. The latest such initiative and product called ORAKO is seeking to follow this mission statement as it would prove to be what the company has described as an “all-in-one sportsbook solution.”

ORAKO Set to Become Go-To Solution

ORAKA comes with a host of features that include products, tools, and technology that makes it easy to launch omni-channel experiences for betting services and cater to a wide range of audiences they may have. Commenting on this launch, Sportradar managing director and manager of sportsbook services Jacob Lopez Curciel said that the betting industry has become increasingly competitive.

As such, sportsbooks need an edge to ensure that they bring the best possible product to their customers and ORAKO is just it. Curciel praised ORAKO’s all-encompassing purpose arguing that traditional sportsbooks would not have to worry about investing heavily in technology as they have the ORAKO product to fall back on.

ORAKO is capable of managing one-hundred percent of the sportsbook’s offer and is set to continue expanding its reach and features as Sportradar continues to work on the solution in real time. Sportradar is happy with the product as it takes into consideration what a sportsbook business needs and specifically addresses challenges that are common at a specific point of a business’ development.

ORAKO is capable of processing huge amounts of data and has an advanced engine solution positioning itself as the go-to full-service option for betting operators who are looking to increase their market share and improve on their existing products.

Sportradar argues that ORAKO gives further opportunities to personalize content and what a sportsbook has to offer, which will always resonate with each select audience because of the bespoke approach the product employs.

ORAKO’s core technology makes it a capable and dependable partner which is particularly true around the time of major sports betting events when millions of bets are being placed down and each sportsbook needs to make sure that they have a platform that would not falter no matter how many customers tune in to place a wager.

Operating Smoothly with Existing PAMs

To further assist with a brand’s growth, ORAKO is also focusing on marketing tools that can serve partner businesses well and help with reaching more customers. The marketing product also leverages powerful artificial intelligence algorithms that are capable to deliver the best marketing decisions in real-time and creating value for businesses as well as for their customers and sports fans.

ORAKO is an even smoother product when you consider the fact that it’s very easy to implement with existing Player Account Management systems. It creates no traction or pressure and enables players to enjoy a smooth raid from the very wager they place. ORAKO is also compliant in all major jurisdictions that may be of interest to Sportradar customers, including Europe, North, and Latin America, and Africa.


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