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Sportradar Integrates Ad:s into Snapchat

By combining Sportradar's expertise with Snapchat's advertising products, the former company hopes to innovate user experiences

Sports data specialist Sportradar, has unveiled the integration of its proprietary ad:s technology into the instant messaging app Snapchat. This move will see the creation of a new channel where sportsbooks can leverage Sportradar’s paid social media advertising service to acquire customers.

The integration of ad:s into Snapchat will allow Sportradar to connect operators with the app’s user base. Snapchat has 375 million daily users and more than 750 million monthly active users. The app sports robust age-targeting functions that will ensure that sports betting content is promoted only to appropriate audiences.

Snapchat’s popularity in the USA and Western Europe – two mature sports betting territories – makes it a valuable addition to the ad:s portfolio.

Ad:s is a paid social media advertising service that leverages AI to help iGaming and sports betting operators understand their audiences. It is equipped with all the measurement tools needed to optimize marketing performance in real-time. Most importantly, the solution allows for the creation of personalized marketing materials that leverage the latest sports fixtures and odds.

Ad:s is committed to only advertising to adult audiences and ensuring that only people of legal age see the ads. In addition, Sportradar also urges all of its clients to avoid targeting high-risk players.

The Integration Will Help Operators Connect with Fans

Ross Hartnett, the manager of real money gaming at Snapchat’s parent company, Snap Inc, said that his team is delighted to integrate Sportradar’s ad:s service into Snapchat. Hartnett noted that the current agreement will provide betting operators with the opportunity to “dynamically reach millions of sports fans of legal gambling age” and provide them with real-time game stats, odds and more.

By combining Sportradar’s industry expertise with Snapchat’s advertising products, we look forward to continuing to innovate unique user experiences for operators and Snapchatters.

Ross Hartnett, manager of real money gaming, Snap Inc

Spotradar’s global director of advertising sales, Florian Geheeb, also released a statement on the new partnership. He praised Snapchat’s popularity, noting that social media as a whole is a great tool for sportsbooks to find and engage new customers.

By integrating our industry-specific advertising solution into Snapchat, one of the world’s most consumed and strategically important social media platforms, Sportradar is unlocking a new channel to optimize the marketing performance of sportsbook operators.

Florian Geheeb, global director of advertising sales, Sportradar

In other news, Sportradar recently published the results of its Betting, Corruption and Match-fixing in 2022 survey. The company’s Sportradar Integrity Services unit reported that the number of suspicious matches has increased by 34%.


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