November 25, 2021 3 min read

Sportradar Inks Multi-Year Deal With Swiss Handball Federation

Sportradar will use its UFDS system to safeguard the integrity of handball in Switzerland under the terms of a new collaboration with the Swiss Handball Federation.

Sportradar’s Portfolio of Partners Continues to Grow

On Thursday of this week, global provider of sports integrity services Sportradar announced a new partnership with the Swiss Handball Federation (SHF). Under the multi-year collaboration, Sportradar Integrity Services will provide its proprietary integrity solution for SHF.

Moreover, Sportradar will leverage its industry experience to help safeguard and monitor handball events in Switzerland. A prime tool in the fight against match-fixing and fraud is going to be Sportradar’s Universal Fraud Detection System (UFDS). As a result, the collaboration will see Sportradar monitor the Quickline Handball League as well as the Mobiliar Handball Cup. Additionally, the sports integrity leader will also monitor other women’s and men’s games.

UDFS Helps Identify Suspicious Games

Sportradar’s UFDS is a betting monitoring system that analyzes anomalies within betting patterns. The system is safeguarding sporting events globally and it is backed up by verified experts that help with independent assessment. If the system indicates a suspicious game, a report is then sent to the company’s partners. In the last 16 years, with the help of the UFDS system, Sportradar has uncovered more than 6,500 suspicious games. In contrast, this year alone, more than 750 suspicious games have been flagged.

Undoubtedly, Sportradar was quite busy this month. Last week, the company inked a new partnership with the NBA. Earlier in November, Sportradar Integrity Services joined forces with another sports organization: Basketball Australia. Before that, looking to safeguard basketball across Europe, Sportradar inked deals with two more organizations.

The Company Remains Committed to Safeguarding the Integrity of Sports Globally

SHF’s managing director, Jürgen Krucker, revealed that the organization is taking extra steps to ensure the integrity of the sport. According to him, monitoring the bets plays a key role in this process. Kurcker added that by joining forces with Sportradar, SHF will have “crucial visibility of global betting activity surrounding our competitions.”

Sportradar Integrity Services have a proven track record in the field of sports integrity.

Jürgen Krucker, managing director at Swiss Handball

Sportradar Integrity Services’ managing director, Andreas Krannich revealed that in recent years, the integrity threats against sporting events have been growing. He added that an increasing interest in handball was observed, which is why Sportradar finds this new partnership exciting. Krannich reaffirmed that the company remains fully committed to helping its partners and boosting their integrity efforts. In conclusion, he said that Sportradar is looking forward to a successful collaboration with SHF.


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