November 5, 2021 3 min read


Sportradar Signs a Deal to Monitor European Basketball

The Integrity Services of Sportradar has made a major move as it managed to bring in two major basketball organizations from Europe for the Universal Fraud Detection System (UFDS). These organizations are the Slovak Basketball Association (SBA) and the easyCredit Basketball Bundesliga (EasyCredit BBL). They will be provided with a free-of-charge benefit as Sportradar’s Integrity Services is looking to safeguard sport around the globe with UFDS.

Integrity Services Will Now Monitor Around 350 Games

The agreement that involves EasyCredit BBL and SBA will last two years. With it, Integrity Services will be able to monitor competitions in Magenta Sport BBL-Pokal and easyCredit BBL. That amounts to approximately 350 games. Moreover, BBL will have guaranteed access to the premium services on request by Integrity Services. The Intelligence & Investigation and Education & Prevention segments are also included.

Dr. Stefan Holz, BBL’s CEO, shared a few words on the latest developments by saying that Sportradar is dedicated to protecting the sport’s integrity, which is a vision that BBL also shares. That is the reason why this partnership was more than logical for both sides. BBL has a tremendous amount of appreciation for Sportradar’s commitment to supporting leagues and sports federations from all around the world.

He added that sports fans in every part of the world want to engage in fair sports and that is the reason why people love so much.

Meanwhile, Sportradar will monitor approximately 300 matches for the SBA. The company’s betting fraud know-how will be brought to all games in the Slovak Basketball League – men’s and women’s. The men’s Slovak Basketball Cup is also included on the list.

Andrej Kuffa, SBA’s Secretary General, has stated that the association recognizes the experience and depth of knowledge that Sportradar’s provides via Integrity Services. With the use of the UFDS, the premier competitions will have strengthened integrity measures.

UFDS Continues to Add New Coverage

UFDS is a very effective system that monitors betting. As said by Sportradar, this system has been “independently assessed and verified” by experts with great knowledge and experience in sports betting and the field of integrity. These experts do not work individually. Instead, a global team of these experts analyzes all potential irregular betting patterns and report suspicious activities with the intention of stopping match-fixing.

The MD of Integrity Services, Andreas Krannich, shared a few words on Sportradar’s partnership with the SBA and easyCredit BBL. He stated that the company is pleased to team up with two forward-thinking associations and help their efforts in protecting competitions against any type of manipulation connected to irregular betting and match-fixing.

Sportradar has been making quite a lot of moves in 2021. Recently, it managed to reach a new level with its global influence as it was selected by UEFA as a data distribution partner. In doing so, Sportradar was tasked with tackling frauds connected to soccer and sports, in general, all across the world. 

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