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Sportradar Bolsters Innovation with New Milestone Hire

Behshad Behzadi will become the company’s new chief technology officer and chief artificial intelligence officer, bolstering the competitiveness of its products

Sportradar Group, a leading provider of sports data, fan insights, and betting liquidity, has announced the appointment of Behshad Behzadi as chief technology officer and chief artificial intelligence officer (CTO and CAIO), effective 1 May. Behzadi boasts substantial industry experience and will spearhead the implementation of cutting-edge advancements to elevate Sportradar’s offerings.

Sportradar Embraces Innovation

Behzadi brings over 20 years of experience as a distinguished computer scientist and global technology leader. His expertise spans algorithms, search ranking, natural language processing, speech recognition, machine learning, and generative AI. Previously, Behzadi played a leading role in Google’s AI-first strategy, contributing to the development of Google Assistant, Google Lens, Google Smart Display, and the Next Gen Assistant.

The new Sportradar CTO and CAIO holds a PhD in Bioinformatics from Ecole Polytechnique in Paris and has conducted postdoctoral research at the Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics, making him more than qualified for his new position. He was excited to join the company, praising its position as a category leader operating at the intersection of sports, technology, and digital content.

I am very excited to join an organization that pushes the boundaries on technology and puts a premium on innovation.

Behshad Behzadi, Sportradar CTO and CAIO

Behzadi’s new role will see him report directly to chief executive officer Carsten Koerl. He will lead the organization’s efforts to leverage artificial intelligence (AI) and cutting-edge technology to enhance its product offerings and roadmap, focusing on delivering hyper-personalized experiences for sports fans. Additionally, Behzadi will help drive operational efficiency initiatives and streamline processes.

The Company Aims to Achieve Sustained Growth

Behzadi’s appointment marks the second high-profile hire for Sportradar in recent months. April saw the company onboard Craig Felenstein as its new CFO, hoping to leverage his deep international experience and successful track record in building finance organizations. His financial acumen should perfectly complement Behzadi’s technological know-how, substantially bolstering Sportradar’s management team.

CEO Carsten Koerl expressed pride in welcoming Behzadi, emphasizing his leadership in harnessing generative AI and other advanced technologies. He highlighted Behzadi’s impressive track record in developing and commercializing product strategies to accelerate growth and innovation, lauding his expertise in improving internal operational efficiency.

(Behzadi’s) proven track record… will bolster our leadership position, keeping Sportradar at the forefront of technological advancement.

Carsten Koerl, Sportradar CEO

Behzadi’s appointment reflects Sportradar’s commitment to fostering an industry-leading management team ready to tackle rising industry challenges and leverage emerging technologies. With his expertise, Sportradar should continue delivering unparalleled experiences for sports fans worldwide, forging new strategic partnerships to enhance fan engagement and achieve lasting success.

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