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SportChamps Faces Sixth Fine for Gambling Inducements in New South Wales

The allegations arise from an inquiry disclosing that SportChamps employed advertisements on its website and Facebook pages to entice individuals into participating in gambling activities

Melbourne-based betting company SportChamps has once again found itself in hot water, receiving a hefty fine of $17,500 for inducing individuals to engage in gambling activities. This marks the sixth conviction for the company under the NSW Betting and Racing Act, highlighting a pattern of non-compliance with established gaming regulations.

Liquor & Gaming NSW Unveils SportChamps’ Gambling Inducements

The charges stem from an investigation by Liquor and Gaming NSW, revealing that SportChamps used advertisements on its website and Facebook pages to lure individuals into gambling, reported the Australian Associated Press. The specific inducements included phrases like ‘punt for free’ and ‘receive a free bet each day.’ Such practices are explicitly prohibited in New South Wales, leading to the imposition of the recent fine.

This incident is part of a troubling history for SportChamps, as the company has faced legal consequences for gambling advertising offenses on five previous occasions dating back to 2017. The persistence of these violations raises concerns about the effectiveness of current regulatory measures in curbing malpractices within the online betting industry.

Jane Lin, Executive Director of Regulatory Operations at Liquor & Gaming NSW, expressed deep concern over SportChamps’ repeated violations. She expressed deep concern over the fact that the operator had accumulated multiple convictions for violating laws designed to protect people from gambling harm. Lin emphasized that while wagering operators can advertise their products, inducements like offers of increased odds or bonus bets to entice people to open betting accounts are strictly prohibited.

In addition to the recent fine, SportChamps had previously been fined $40,000 in March, with an additional $14,000 in costs, for breaching state gaming laws. The company’s persistent legal troubles might not only affect its bottom line but also tarnish its reputation within the industry. 

According to the laws in New South Wales, it is prohibited to provide inducements for opening betting accounts, referring friends to open such accounts, maintaining an open betting account, or consenting to receive gambling advertising.

Any corporation found guilty of publishing prohibited gambling advertising can face a maximum penalty of $110,000, while individuals may be subject to a maximum fine of $11,000.

The ongoing legal challenges faced by SportChamps underscore the broader issues within the regulatory landscape of the online betting industry. Despite previous fines and penalties, the company seems to have continued its questionable practices, disregarding the state’s gambling laws. This not only raises questions about SportChamps’ commitment to compliance but also highlights the need for more robust regulatory measures to curb such activities.


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