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Liquor & Gaming NSW Cracks Down on Illegal Gambling Advertising

The regulatory body’s relentless pursuit of accountability within the gambling industry has resulted in convictions and fines for offending operators

Liquor & Gaming NSW (L&GNSW) maintains its steadfast commitment to curbing illegal gambling advertising, dishing out fines exceeding $1.1 million to online bookmakers since 2016. The regulator’s actions highlight its ceaseless vigilance and commitment to protecting player interests. L&GNSW’s constant updates allow it to stay ahead of industry innovations and curb problem practices.

Violators Face Harsh Punishments

L&GNSW has adopted a rigorous stance against unlawful gambling promotions, issuing hefty fines to deter violators and uphold the industry’s integrity. The companies facing prosecution in court have collectively faced fines surpassing $830,000. Additionally, L&GNSW has leveraged its authority to impose penalty infringement notices amounting to $270,000.

The regulator’s zero-tolerance approach is paying significant dividends, making New South Wales one of Australia’s leading gambling jurisdictions. Jane Lin, L&GNSW Executive Director Regulatory Operations, noted that sufficient information and regular collaboration with operators meant they had no excuse for violating advertising rules. 

We will continue to monitor television, print, and social media for this illegal advertising and advocate for the courts to issue higher penalties.

Jane Lin, L&GNSW Executive Director Regulatory Operations

According to current NSW laws, courts can impose penalties of up to $110,000, while penalty notices carry a $15,000 fine. Regulations strictly prohibit advertisements that induce people to participate in gambling, severely limiting operators’ marketing options. Despite these restrictions, the region’s gambling market remains healthy and competitive, highlighting the regulator’s success.

The Regulator Remains One Step Ahead

L&GNSW has demonstrated a willingness to pursue even high-profile operators. April saw the regulator fine Miami-based micro-betting operator Betr AUD210,000 ($142,365) for breaching advertising laws in a controversial promotion. Consistent enforcement actions and significant fines mean companies are always held accountable, protecting consumers from deceptive or harmful advertising practices.

Regular reforms mean the NSW regulator remains in touch with the latest developments in the gambling industry, enabling it to adapt to emerging challenges. The authority has set its sights on introducing Cashless Gaming in the region. This measure will transform the NSW market, curbing problem gambling and holding operators closely accountable for any regulatory failings.

The evolving regulatory landscape and diversifying gambling practices make maintaining a robust and proactive enforcement approach paramount. L&GNSW’s dedication to eradicating illegal gambling advertising testifies to its critical role in fostering a responsible and transparent gambling environment. Through these efforts, L&GNSW aims to create a safer and more enjoyable gambling experience for all participants.

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