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NSW Slams Operators for “Going Quiet” on Gambling Harm Messaging in TV Ads

The local regulator noted that two gambling companies failed to properly communicate the dangers of gambling in recent ads

The New South Wales government is unhappy with the gambling industry’s negligence when it comes to promoting responsible gambling. According to the authorities, some operators fail to properly communicate the dangers of gambling to their customers.

The announcement comes after Liquor & Gaming NSW, a body that regulates gaming in the state, found that two gambling operators avoided properly sending safer gambling messages through their TV ads.

The so-called irregularities undermine the safer gambling efforts in the region, exposing local customers to harm.

Jane Lin, executive director of regulatory operations & enforcement at Liquor & Gaming NSW, commented on the issue. She said that in one instance, the operator’s obligatory safer gambling message was barely audible. On the contrary, the rest of the ad “could be heard loud and clear,” Lin noted.

Meanwhile, another operator changed the tone of the voice-over when the responsible gambling message was spoken. While the overall tone of the ad was confident and strong, the safer gambling part used a soft and passive tone, Lin pointed out.

The Government Is Unamused

The government was not very happy with the operators’ surreptitious attempt to bend the rules by reducing the visibility of their responsible gambling messaging. Lin said that NSW hopes that operators and their marketing partners will try to do better.

We urge gambling operators and their creative agencies to advertise responsibly and make sure content is in the spirit of providing a clear harm reduction message to consumers and the broader community.

Jane Lin, executive director of regulatory operations & enforcement, Liquor & Gaming NSW

The executive director concluded by pointing out that betting operators have a key role in reducing gambling harm risk. Because of that, they should advertise responsibly, instead of encouraging harm by silencing their safer gambling messages.

Liquor & Gaming NSW reminded operators that the inclusion of standardized responsible gambling messages in ads is part of the National Consumer Protection Framework for Online Wagering in Australia. The regulator remains committed to closely monitoring the sector and having operators comply with the various measures outlined in the framework.

Liquor & Gaming NSW concluded that it currently discussing the matter with the two operators in question. If there is evidence that the operators failed in their responsibility to clearly communicate the dangers of gambling, they risk fines of up to $110,000 ($73,160 in USD).

In other news, new regulations in New South Wales seek to further tighten the rules by prohibiting external gambling-related signage at gambling shops and pubs.


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