January 5, 2020 3 min read


Spain Outlines New Gambling Restrictions

The Spanish government will be introducing new measures to promote responsible gambling among players across the country.

Strict Gambling Measures to tbe Introduced in Spain

Spanish lawmakers have outlined new restrictions for gambling operators in the country. The program is designed to regulate the gambling industry in order to promote responsible behaviour among players and make operators more accountable.

There are six specific actions included in the program, one of which aims to regulate the advertising of gambling products. This would be controlled at a state level and would be modelled on the way in which the advertising of tobacco products regulated in Spain.

15 years ago, the Spanish government introduced new laws that cracked down on how tobacco products are advertised. It stopped tobacco brands from entering into sponsorship deals in the sports realm and other areas, as well as placed restrictions on how their products are promoted in the media. The new restrictions on Spanish gambling products could follow this model.

Another measure aims to help players become more aware of healthy gambling practices. The government wants to ensure that players can identify potentially dangerous gambling patterns. This follow’s the country’s decision to consider problem gambling a mental illness.

There are other measures in the program that will change the way brick-and-mortar gambling venues operate. The new laws would aim to stop gambling venues from opening before 10pm and limit how close they are to schools. Betting shops and casinos would also have to display signs that present the dangers of gambling – similar to the way in which tobacco products have warning son them.

No other countries have introduced such strict online gambling measures. It will be interesting to see how effective these news rules are in reducing problem gambling rates in Spain and helping local players gamble more responsibly.

Promoting Responsible Gambling in Spain

Spain’s government wants to ensure that operators act responsibly in the gambling market. They should be working hard to reduce problem gambling rates among players across the country.

“We will promote the involvement of gambling and betting operators in the development of information, prevention, sensitisation and reparation actions for possible undesirable effects derived from gambling activity”

– reads a statement from the Spanish government.

All of these new measures are aimed at encouraging more responsible gambling behaviour among players across Spain. The country has recently been expanding its gambling market, and it’s important that the government also works hard to combat problem gambling rates from growing along with it.


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