February 23, 2022 3 min read


Southampton FC Launches ‘The Bitcoin Hunt’ Alongside Sportsbet

Southampton Football Club will celebrate its continued partnership with its main club partner, the crypto sports betting platform Sportsbet.io, by hosting a treasure-hunt-styled event with a whole Bitcoin on the line.

The Bitcoin Hunt Begins

The competition is fittingly called The Bitcoin Hunt and will see participants go through a variety of challenges as they strive to win the grand prize. The lucky victor will get a whole Bitcoin token – something worth $39,046 as of the time of this writing.

The Bitcoin Hunt will be separated into rounds, each including various games, such as hunts for QR codes, puzzles, tasks that people have to complete on social media, and even trivia questions about the history of Southampton FC. It is open to all fans of football in the locale provided they are 25 or older.

The first round of the hunt begins today, right before the game between Southampton and Norwich. It will be a QR code hunt that will have fans look for QR codes hidden across Southampton. The second round of the Bitcoin Hunt will follow up on March 14.

The football club announced that it will be a blockchain-style puzzle challenge about historical Southampton kits. Fans need to collect a total of 35,000 points for a chance to reach the finals. The last round is scheduled to begin on April 4. Players will have to search the football club’s social media accounts for a hidden Bitcoin and answer a few questions about the history of Southampton FC.

Three players from each round will go to the finals, alongside a single player picked at random. Only one of the ten will win the big prize of one Bitcoin.

Sportsbet Hopes People Will Warm Up Towards Crypto

Charles Read, the head of partnership marketing for Southampton FC, is thrilled to celebrate the partnership with Sportsbet with this exciting competition. According to Read, this event is unprecedented in the world of football and demonstrates the club’s devotion to innovation. He wished all participants the best of luck, hoping that they will enjoy themselves. 

Joe McCallum, the director of sportsbook for Sportsbet is delighted to support Southampton FC by helping it run The Bitcoin Hunt. According to him, this is a way to celebrate and enhance the partnership between the two parties.

Through this initiative, McCallum hopes to inspire people to give cryptocurrency a chance and understand the safety benefits it offers to its users.

“It is a key part of our strategic vision to educate the wider world about cryptocurrencies and eliminate the myths whilst bringing it into our everyday life,” McCallum concluded.


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