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Soft2Bet PR Director Hamza Afifi: “The iGaming Industry Is One of a Kind”

Hamza Afifi is an iGaming industry veteran who is bringing vast experience and knowledge with him stepping in as Soft2Bet’s new PR director. Having previously worked at SiGMA Group, Hamza is well-versed in what makes a product successful and what good PR is.

That makes him the right person to speak to when trying to pinpoint what helps products within the industry reach their target audiences. Hamza’s skills span well beyond the industry, so he has a good base to compare how PR works in and outside of gaming.

Soft2Bet is preparing to announce a number of high-profile partnerships throughout 2021 and it seems Hamza is the right person for the job.

Q: Why did you choose to join Soft2Bet?

Having spent two years at a company that specialises in organizing events for our industry, I’ve been able to build a network of contacts right across the world of iGaming, and one of the strongest relationships I cultivated was with Soft2Bet.

Speaking with the team on a daily basis, I was hugely impressed with their diligence in going above and beyond for partners, who provided consistently positive feedback as a consequence. Soft2Bet is therefore the perfect place for me to continue to learn and grow, and I can’t wait to help the team execute our exciting plans for the coming period!

Q: Having worked in and out of iGaming, how do the PR and marketing strategies used by our industry differ from other sectors?

The iGaming industry is one of a kind. It’s fair to say that the regulatory scrutiny on gambling is stronger than that applied to other industries, and much of that scrutiny falls on advertising and promotional activities.

Markets such as Spain and the UK are a perfect example. In both of those jurisdictions, it’s become more difficult for casino operators to mention anything apart from responsible gaming in their marketing outreach.

Of course, we strongly support all measures that can improve player protection, but nevertheless it’s clear that the advertising restrictions placed on iGaming are markedly different from those you’ll find in other industries. From our perspective at Soft2Bet, it’s all about adapting to the regulations in the market you are operating in.  

Q: What will be your first priority in the new role?

As PR Director, my first priority is to ensure that Soft2Bet’s internationally recognised brand name continues to attract new audiences in regulated markets across the globe.

We’ve got plenty of exciting news in the pipeline, especially when it comes to international expansion and innovative product development, so I anticipate that our reputation for excellence will only grow stronger in the weeks and months to come.  

Q: Did the events of 2020 change Soft2Bet’s growth strategy, or is it too early to tell?

Our growth strategy has remained broadly the same – what’s changed is its execution. In the past, we promoted our highly acclaimed portfolio of more than 30 innovative casino and sports betting brands, including the award-winning casino Wazamba and the gamified sportsbook Betinia, through offline events.

However, now that we are unable to safely attend those in-person networking functions, our focus has shifted online, and we work very closely with key media contacts in our industry and beyond to continue spreading the Soft2Bet message.

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