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Social Media Accounts Under Scrutiny for Directing Fans to Betfair

A recent disclosure indicates that two well-known sports social media accounts are in fact owned and managed by Fanwave Digital, a company dedicated to enhancing the profits of stakeholders in the gambling industry

In a shocking revelation, it turns out that popular social media accounts posing as “tipsters” or offering comical content on soccer have been part of a marketing initiative that is meant to lead the accounts’ followers to a major sports betting website. 

The Secret Behind AndyRobsonTips and BoringMilner

The social media accounts in question are AndyRobsonTips and BoringMilner. AndyRobsonTips is seemingly an individual entity that offers sports enthusiasts expert tips and tricks to help them outsmart bookmakers. This is under the disguise of individual expertise. However, under closer inspection, it turns out that there is no such person as Andy Robson.

On the other hand, BoringMilner is a humorous account, a parody of English professional soccer player James Milner. The two accounts’ combined social media channels boast a following of over 1 million.

The Guardian has revealed that both accounts are actually owned and operated by Fanwave Digital, a company that aims to bolster the revenues of gambling industry stakeholders. Notably, Fanwave Digital is associated with an investor in the Scottish Championship team, Raith Rovers.

AndyRobsonTips and BoringMilner, however, have not openly disclosed their connections to the sports betting industry. Still, both accounts have been seen to repost each other’s content surreptitiously offering their followers guidance on betting tips and strategies.

According to insiders, the two accounts are run by Fanwave Digital but the operations are actually paid for Paddy Power Betfair and aim to promote free betting advice that leads to the Betfair website.

Fanwave Digital Relies on Acquisition Commissions

Fanwave Digital has had a varying revenue model over the past few years. In the start, it used to receive a commission from bettors’ losses. However, now, it operates on a “cost per acquisition” basis. This means that the company gets paid for securing direct traffic to Paddy Power. 

Notably, the Andy Robson persona has its own section on Paddy Power’s website, showing the association between the betting giant and Fanwave Digital.

According to claims from Fanwave Digital, its specialty is to enhance online presence and provide product development. Yet, its financial records show that it is mostly reliant on commissions from betting tipsters.

Despite inquiries, Fanwave Digital refrained from any comments on its association with social media accounts like BoringMilner or AndyRobsonTips. BoringMilner even disappeared from the Fanwave Digital website. However, the company stressed that is complies with regulatory requirements and promotes responsible gambling.

A spokesperson for Paddy Power stated that the company does indeed run affiliate programs for their brands, a common practice in most industries. The spokesperson also confirmed that Paddy Power has an exclusive partnership with two of Fanwave Digital’s social media accounts.


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