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Paddy Power Wraps up The Big 180 Campaign, Donates $1.3M to Prostate Cancer UK

The company declared that the £914,000 sum “did not feel quite right”

The Paddy Power World Darts Championship has ended and so has Paddy Power’s The Big 180 campaign. At the start of the championship, the gambling operator promised to donate a thousand pounds for every single 180 scored during the event. While the players fell short of raising the £1 million target (roughly $1.27 million, current rates), Paddy Power decided to donate the intended sum.

The finale of the Paddy Power World Darts Championship saw Luke Humphries defeat the teenage sensation Luke Littler in a heated game. At the conclusion of the tournament, a total of 914 180s were scored.

As a result, Paddy Power had to donate £914,000 to Prostate Cancer UK, surpassing its previous donation of £901,000. This record-breaking number of 180s was lauded by darts fans but was insufficient for the campaign to reach its goal.

Paddy Power Rounded up the Donation to a Million Pounds

In the end, Paddy Power decided to go all the way and donate the full £1 million.

It’s been an epic World Darts Championship with a brand new champion crowned and a star of the future emerging. And to get into the spirit of all things bright and wonderful, Paddy’s decided to up our Prostate Cancer UK donation to a round £1m!

Paddy Power statement

The company added that it was glad that the players surpassed last year’s 180s but decided that the £914,000 sum “did not feel quite right.”

Paddy Power also praised Luke Humphries for his victory and handed him the inaugural giant Ballon d’Art trophy. For reference, Humphries singlehandedly scored a whopping 23 180s in the final alone. By the end of the tournament, he had scored the most 180s of all players (73).

Paddy Power congratulated the new champion and also praised the runner-up as an “emerging star of the future.”

The company concluded that it is not too late for fans to play their part in The Big 180 campaign. Paddy Power invited darts fans to see Prostate Cancer UK’s risk checker or share it with their male friends and relatives.


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