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Soccer: Samuel Eto’o Faces Allegations of Match-Fixing, Threats

A newly released unveils alleged evidence claiming that the legendary soccer player and Cameroon Football Federation president was involved in match-fixing and abuse of power

Samuel Eto’o, a globally recognizable soccer player with an extensive career, was appointed to the role of president of the Cameroon Football Federation, Fecafoot, near the end of 2021. The outstanding athlete with a lustrous career has played for England, Italy and Spain and has four African Player of the Year Awards along with two Africa Cup of Nations Titles while with Cameroon, among other recognitions and awards.

Despite his achievements and extensive career in the sport, Eto’o was tangled in a scandal with claims related to abuse of power, match-fixing and even threats of violence against people who did not agree with his intentions, a newly released report claims. On Wednesday, The Athletic announced it received a wide range of alleged evidence, including letters, emails, WhatsApp messages and sound recordings accusing Fecafoot’s president of the aforementioned unlawful activities.

Reportedly, the information was supplied by Henry Njalla Quan Junior, Fecafoot’s former vice president. The aforementioned details were also sent to FIFA’s Ethics Committee last summer, while an investigation into the matter by Africa’s football federation, CAF, is reportedly ongoing.

Previously, CAF confirmed that it is investigating different claims against Fecafoot’s president. Despite that, according to The Athletic, while CAF continues to investigate this matter, Eto’o is “presumed to be innocent until an appropriate judicial body concludes otherwise.”

Allegations about Match-Fixing, Favoritism

Some of the supplied messages, audio recordings and emails by Njalla Quan Junior are indirect or anonymous. Notably, the former Fecafoot vice president alleged that Eto’o was involved in match-fixing activities. According to the data supplied by Njalla Quan Junior, one of the match-fixing incidents involved a team he owns, Njalla Quan Sports Academy (NQSA).

He claimed that NQSA’s match against Kumba City FC was orchestrated by Eto’o. Njalla Quan Junior said that the aforementioned match was “the most scandalous… in the history of mankind,” claiming that Eto’o provided instructions to referees via a phone that was on speaker during the half-time of the first leg.

Supporting his claims, Njalla Quan Junior said that they were based on discussions with an anonymous third party. After the two legs, Kumba City FC ultimately won against NQSA with a score of 3-1.

Additionally, Njalla Quan Junior alleged that Valentine Nkwain, the owner of Victoria United, was given assurances by Eto’o that his team would be promoted to a higher division. In a recording, Eto’o allegedly promised that “there are things” that can be done for Nkwain’s team. Victoria United went on to win 11 out of their 17 matches, actions that ultimately bumped the team to the first division.

Eto’o has previously denied any wrongdoing. Yet, the ongoing investigations and the serious accusations put Fecafoot’s president in a difficult position.


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